Homeless, Jobless and in a New City... so Why am I Happy?
Saturday, October 9, 2004

What a weekend! Thursday I picked up Rod at the airport and we packed for a while until meeting other friends for dinner. Can't say enough about the help he's given me, flying up to help me pack and drive down and all... (But since he reads my ramblings now, I'm not going to give his ego any more nourishment or it'll expand to the size of Kansas.) After dinner we went to see Shaun of the Dead... if you enjoy the English sense of humor at all, you've got to see this thing! Best zombie movie I've seen, since... ok, I'm not a big zombie movie fan, but this is a good one. (Let's just say that zombies have never impressed me as supernatural bad-guys. I mean, you could wake up in the morning, see a zombie on your front lawn while getting the paper, have breakfast, shower, respond to e-mail and bake cookies before the damned thing got to the front door. As for how dangerous they are, you could manually insert bullets into this thing with a hammer before it decided that you were worth chewing on.) Go see it!

Friday, Kris came over and helped us load my stuff into the moving van. You know, it's funny. I was actually worried that the truck I rented might be too small for the anount of stuff I had, but when it came down to it, I could have gotten the next smaller size down and still had room for a Thai family to settle in. Still, I'm kind of relieved since I've been trying to live a simpler life and off-load some of the "stuff" I've accumulated.

After we finished with the truck, I took Kris and Rod with me to see Megan Slankard perform at the Espresso Garden. We met a couple of other friends there and had a blast listening to this 21 year old just knock our socks off with her music! She was soooo good that it's totally astounding that she hasn't been "discovered" yet! She has 2 CD's out that she produced herself with one other person. I talked to her about getting permisson to use her song "Dirty Wings" in our movie, "Finding Love for Annie". She was flattered at being asked and happy at the prospect. Rod promised to send her a copy of the script and got her to autograph one of the CD's "To ANNIE, Good Luck Finding Love. - Megan Slankard". She is just too cool for words... (blatant plug:

After the concert, Rod and I finished tossing a few more things into the truck, loaded up my car onto the trailer, and hit the highway at 1:30 in the morning. The sky was rich with stars and we talked about a little of everything as we drove. Our plans are so damned ambitious but at least they're matched by our enthusiasm. Swear to god, we're like a couple of kids getting ready for summer camp! We made it about halfway down to San Diego before succumbing to the tiny gravity wells that were dragging at our eyelids. After an hour or so of restless sleep (And who really sleeps well sitting upright in a non-reclining car seat?) we got up and watched the rest of the dawn before saddling up and hauling out. Finally made SanD by about 2:30 where Rod's wife, Denise, made us lunch and sent us to separate rooms to catch up on sleep. I slept about five hours and Rod caught about eight. I'm actually stealing time on his computer while they sleep since I've been cut off from the Internet since from Thursday when my job finally, officially, blessedly ended. Speaking of being cut-off, I never really realized how dependent I've become on my internet fix. Without being able to post, read or check up on news, I've felt a little weird... so this is what withdrawls are like?

Well, I won't be able to move into my new apartment for another day or so. (The carpets need cleaning.) So I find myself homeless, jobless and carrying my belongings around in a 15 foot Penske moving van. (Something about this sounds vaguely like a country-western song...) But I'm here and ready to start my new life. Now I just have to figure out where I put the damned key to the padlock on the van...

Dirty Wings
- Megan Slankard


Sunday, October 10, 2004 5:43 PM


Surprisingly, WNTW was how I found out about Megan. I was stuck in Montreal flipping through the fifteen French channels and one English channel when I heard the show playing her music. (For you habs out there, I'm kidding about the channel thing, the story just sounds funnier that way.) It just happened to be the right time, otherwise I might have skipped over in favor of seeing Forrest Gump in French. "Je m'appel Forrest Gump." I liked what I heard, ordered "Freaky Little Story" and listened. Great stuff! Talked to my buddy Rod (Who also penned the script) and convinced him and three other friends to come up to see Megan play at a local club. Turns out that a former co-worker of ours was doing the booking! (small world!) We got a chance to talk to her (She's as nice in person as she is good on stage) and if everything works out, we may be able to feature her music in our film! (Sometimes Karma will chase you down no matter how fast you run. I'm sincerely hoping that this is one of those instances...)

How did you hear about Megan?

Sunday, October 10, 2004 8:10 AM


Megan is great! Be sure to check out her episode on the learning channel of "What Not to Wear." See her transform from toe sock wearing coffee house kid to rock goddess.

Congratulations on the move! A new life is always cool!

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