Interesting times
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lots of exciting things happening at my end. The first episode of The Signal Season 6 is up. Go check it out, it is great. I did not write anything for this episode, but edited Helen's "Let's go again" article, so I contributed at least a little bit to it. Also "The Signal" has a new forum and is working on a new website and blog which should be available for the public soon. And my first article should appear in ep 2.

I had a job interview today and will start to work as student tutor tomorrow. Math. Why does it have to be math? That stuff came easily enough to me in school, but I am afraid I have forgotten quite a bit since then.

I started taking aikdio lessons. Wow! Serious fun. And totally push-up free training (at least at our dojo). It's weird, though. I used to do judo, back in the days, so I did have a rough idea about breaking a fall and rolling, which seemed to work quite well in the very first aikido lesson. But then I started to think about how I should move and now even a simple back roll turns into an awkward, clumsy and confusing experience. Duh! Stop thinking, stupid.

Still haven't finished the Leverage fanfic, the stuff I did for the Signal got into the way, but I am working on it.

Also a friend of mine has started making plans for developing an online multiplayer scifi game, codenamed "Operation Survival", a kind of multiplayer version of UFO-Enemy Unknown or XCom as it was also called (in case anyone remembers that ... that was like fifteen years ago. Still, one of the best computer games ever written. And I definitely want to get involved in that, not so much as a software developer, but as scriptwright, story developer and maybe sound designer. So far there is only the idea and some thoughts in his blog: Check it out if you are interested in something like this.



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