Trying to be Annie
Sunday, January 10, 2010

Okay ... I started writing fanfiction again. Leverage fanfiction, to pass the time till the new season starts (Wednesday ... Yay!). The story is a casefic, so it involves the whole team, but has a strong focus on Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane's character), because I just can't get enough of that guy currently. And it has a MarySue character in it as well ... meet Annie, the owner of a nice little organic food store who gets into trouble with the evil foodchain competitor.

Writing a Leverage casefic is harder than I thought, actually. Nate, the mastermind of the team, always comes up with very clever cons in the original scripts. I am no criminal mastermind. Plus I don't live in the United States and can only guess how all the bureaucratic and legal loopholes he likes to use work. Muddy waters, indeed. But on the other hand, if you have a team like that at your disposal, what can possibly go wrong? (Well, a lot, that's what makes the episodes interesting after all, and that's what keeps my story going as well).

But I'm really getting into this. And while I don't own an organic food store, I at least work at one and writing this story has made my past workweek so much brighter and more exciting. The Annie from the story is a very lovable and cheerful character who manages to make everyone feel better, especially her customers, no matter how bad and stressful and hopeless things seem to become for her. And as a reward she gets Eliot Spencer as a different kind of knight ...
So I kept telling myself: if I am only nice enough to my customers and manage to make their days a bit brighter, maybe I will end up with Eliot Spencer walking right into my little shop, making my day. He didn't, of course. But at least our parcel delivery guy showed up and complimented me on my cheerfulness (and for the first time got my name right ... *sigh*). Not much resemblance with Christian Kane, I'm afraid, except for the haircut, but one has to appreciate the basic enjoyments of life. So that's me ... being Annie.

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Monday, January 11, 2010 2:31 PM


It's really good. I like it so far!


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