Back in the saddle again.
Thursday, December 17, 2009

....sorta. After a great little while - yes, I know, letting people down is one of the things I hate most and yet it's one of the things I'm most proficient at. I'm really beginning to feel the out-of-work bite, and even though I felt something a great deal more pleasant a couple of months ago, I'm starting to lose that, too. Still, trying to plug away at 'Where They Don't Follow' again after a few months' hiatus. I thought of a good rework which I am trying to implement, although it will of course be left up to the audience whether it's any good; with any luck we'll have a chance to find out some time between Christmas and New Year's. Fingers crossed, at any rate.

Meanwhile, however, I know nobody has this answer, but as this is the only place where I can vent it - just for once in the season, the year, the era, my whole life, just for crying out loud I should like to have a girlfriend and not feel like I'm going to lose her any minute. For serious, is that too much to ask for????


Monday, December 21, 2009 5:48 PM


I have a very strong feeling that you finally have a good thing going on with her. Yay!! (Unless she's being cruel to you, then nay. But, I haven't seen any evidence of that. ;))

Also, do you want me to be your beta again?


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