" gonna steal a man's beard."
Sunday, December 13, 2009

Had this strange, Firefly related dream early this morning, just before I woke up. It was the last dream I had, so it stuck with me.

But I don't know what it means.

It was set on a hot, dry, dusty planet, in some kind of mining town or city. There were these 2 giant plastic or cloth lined pools of water, like chest deep and hundreds of feet across, big enough for hundreds of kids to swim in. Sometimes there were lots of kids swimming and playing im the water, sometimes I was alone in mine.

One of the girl BDH's was swimming in the other one. I can't even tell ya which one, which is disappointing, because I got no images of Summer or Jewel or Morena or Gina in a bikini outta this. I'm disappointed in my dirty old man sub conscious.

I kept stealing the water out of hers, because it was warmer than mine, although, how I was gonna steal enough water by hand or with buckets or hoses from these giant pools to be noticible , or to make any difference, or why I would want the water to be warmer, given the hot, dry, dusty ..., makes no sense. But I was afraid she would notice, catch me at it, so I was real sneaky about it.

And that's all the dream I remember.


How did I know it was a Firefly dream? How did I know the girl was one of the BDH, since I never pictured her?

How did I know that this whole dream was a front for some kinda crime, that the BDH were pulling, or maybe involved in but trying to prevent-- which I know for certain ?

What am I supposed to do with this? Is it Inspiration, pointing me to a new fan-fic? What the Hell is the rest of the story? What crime is being committed here, what are the BDH's roles in it, how does it work out? 'Cuz I'm too lazy, or too dumb, to puzzle it out.

What does this say about ME? Since I don't like water, don't, (Can't) swim, nearly drownded several times as a kid? Why was I happy in that pool, instead of scared to death? The only truth to the whole dream was wanting to be warmer-- I've always been cold in water, even if it was 110 degrees out.

Anyway, if this sparks anything in any of you fan-ficcers out there, help yourself.


Sunday, December 13, 2009 1:58 PM


Hmm. Not dream-analytical at all, but the two pools of water (and having a female in one and you in the other, and presumably with some divider between them so that you can't see each other) puts me in mind of an onsen --a Japanese hot spring spa.

Not exactly Chinese, but given the 'verse's asian influence, I think you just came up with a pretty plausible setting.

Sunday, December 13, 2009 9:22 AM


My understanding of dreams is to interpret them as metaphors for our real life and ourselves. The setting of the mining town could be just the setting of an episode that your subconscious was putting you in a comfortable, familiar place for the dream. The pool of water can be a symbol of your fears or repressions, but the fact that it was shallow means that it was safe for you to be in, especially since there were children in it. Two pools could mean that you see the actresses or BDH's as separate from your own life. You borrowing water from them is a way of borrowing their energy, their "heat" to warm up your own life.

That's as far as I understand dream interpretation, or I could be totally wrong. Suit yourself!


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