Shin Dig
Saturday, December 5, 2009

Do many of you dance? You know, ballroom, latin, stuff like that? My word is it ever fun. I am still just a beginner, or I suppose more of an intermediate dancer. I live in a duplex, 6 guys on the one side, 5 girls on the other, and couple of the girls from the other side of the house wanted to know if would be interested in learning some introductory ballroom with them, so for the last few months that is what I have been doing. This is by no means my first time dancing, I have been dancing with my friends for a couple years now, but brushing up on some of the ballroom basics was nice. Anyway, just got in from a rather large Student Dance Club event, and had a blast the whole night!

Some people might think its a little silly, but even the most notorious scoundrel in the Firefly universe knew how to dance. My close friend has described myself as the perfect balance between decency and healthy roguery. So being able to dance makes me feel all the more in that role. A bit of a mystery, but still able to schmooze it up with the best of them and woo a lady or two. Now the cherry on top of the ice cream that was tonight was getting to dance with a girl I know. We are pretty good friends, and she has this incredible classic beauty to her. Think of some of those strong female leads from old black and white films. The kind of woman whose presence is beautiful and commands the attention of the room at the same time. Kind of how like Inara has this strong presence about her, but is still quite demure. It is hard to place, but to this day I just refer to her looks as classic beauty. The kind of thing statues were made for. So that was pretty cool, despite not having a pressing job to attend to, or the significant lack of "duels", it was a pretty good Shin Dig.



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