February to November...
Thursday, November 12, 2009

So...I've been away. Sorry. I'm going to try to do better.

More friends have started watching "Firefly" and quoting it at me randomly. Which is nice, since it always makes me smile and my smiles have been the scary "oh, no, i think she's going to throw something sharp and pointy at me" smiles lately. Good thing office-enforced holidays are coming up.

I've been trying to think of a new fic to write, but i'm hitting a wall. If anyone has any strange word-association-advice-requests, please let me know. I'd like to try another one-shot to get back in the swing of things. We'll see what happens.

Let's just keep flyin' out there, dong ma?


Friday, November 13, 2009 7:08 PM


You have a lot of strengths in characterization in your fic, and the relationships between characters. If 2X2 can create a beautiful romantic fic out of "hangover" and "toilet", there really is no limit to the Muse when she strikes. Go with your strengths and play and have a good time. If you're really stuck, go with the season, and think of a reason the crew would have a meal for a celebration.


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