Saturday, October 17, 2009

So if you are one of my readers (if you are not that's quite alright) here are the projects I still have that I am working on....

The Halloween had two more pieces before it will be complete and yes, hopefully will be done by Halloween...though it could flow into another piece eventually

Straw Butterfly: One more piece and it should be complete and then more Early year goodness will follow

Angelle in Brown: No, I have not forgotten about Inara and Angelle. It's high time we freed them from Suga's grasp, though I am warning you, there is a really nice twist about to take place in that story and Inara won't be so chummy with Angelle for long.

Plus keep your eyes peeled for another Christmas adventure from Kitty and Jayne, as well as just my normal little goodness when it comes to the pair.

Anyway....just a little update and hope you all are having a killer weekend.

Laters, Gators...



Saturday, October 17, 2009 11:12 PM


As you know, I love Cat and Angelle, closely followed by Ktty and Jayne - just the image of that little girl able to lead a very large mercenary around by the nose is wonderful! So you keep writing, I'll keep reading. And pushing ...


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