Life Literary and Luck
Monday, October 12, 2009

You know what's really frustrating? Life. Stupid 'get in the way of what you want' life!

And breathe....

So i have 4 more episodes in my series that i'm am stoked about finally getting some words down for. You know when you know what you want to write about you just don't know how to make the characters do it.

I've pretty much just sat down and let the first thing that comes to my mind play out on the computer screen. With any luck i'll have the ep finished tonight and edited by the weekend. And with ALOT of luck i'll be in such a good writing mood that the other three episodes will just spill out of me like literary vomit and i can have this damn plot line out of my head forever.

Which will be fantastic because then i can continue on with my original series 'Eternal'.

Yay optimistic anticipation!

Leaving now.




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