Done a bad, bad thing...
Saturday, October 3, 2009

Well, I discovered that the whole 'temporal echo' thing for fanfic works the other way. Having rather guiltily entered another fandom whilst waiting for all my files to be retrieved, some vaguely familiar characters turned up. This wasn't too bad when it was just a couple of them being cops. (And plus Zoe and Wash got that cute kid they so deserved.)

Only now the cow in a jar has turned up, along with Mr Universe. *sigh* I dunno, maybe the Black is calling me back...

Yeah, I have to confess to having been elsewhere this last little while. (I offer in my defence the rather lovely Simon Baker - I now know exactly what Captain Aiden 'Moonshine' Mercer looks like.) I got mugged by plot-bunnies whilst I was trying to recreate my missing stuff. But - so far in the series we have a serial killer who gloves! A lot of by-play with strawberries! A man called Jane! Magistrate Higgins as the boss cop! Now all we need is a BDH cameo - though I think the awesomeness of the lovely Captain Tightpants alongside SB would possibly cause things to melt. I think my brain may have been the first casualty at the concept.


Saturday, October 3, 2009 5:48 PM


Fic slut!

(Kissies! It's an open fandom, you are free to wander where you whist.)


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