You know you have the flu when .....
Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boy this thing has really hit me hard this year. First my daughter came down with what I thought was the Dragon Con crud and I was praising God above that I'd skipped it.

That was until Sunday evening when I started to get congested and a fever started. I tried the recommended remedies of rest, ibuprofen, fluids etc but after I started coughing sometime on Tuesday I told myself that it was time to drag myself to the doctor.

Went to the Urgent Care Center Wednesday morning and I sat there with several others, all with masks on our noses and mouths and all coughing like braying donkeys.

The nurse did a quick flu test, which, surprise, surprise came up negative despite my classic flu symptoms. Turns out she had just recovered from the same symptoms and her flu test was negative too.

The Nurse Practioner did have common sense and said that she and the doctor at the clinic were treating everyone with flu symptoms as if they had the flu despite what the flu test said.

I ended up with some medicine, mostly notably, cough syrup with codeine. It knocks me winding and I don't take it unless I can sleep.

I do feel just a tiny bit better today but I am sooo tired.

I'm also going back over some unfinished fic that's been on my hard drive for a while. Dragon Con and the Browncoats: Redemption crew got me reinvigorated and maybe I finish some of it up.

That is as long as I can stay awake.


Saturday, September 19, 2009 6:28 AM


It's obviously some fiendish Alliance-mutated version of the 'flu that doesn't show up on normal tests. Where's Simon when you need him?

And here's our best wishes!

Thursday, September 17, 2009 9:28 AM


HUGS oh I hope I didn't germ you when we were chatting.. I got started on the board books:)
Feel better ok


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