I got run over by Dragon*Con. Wheeeee...
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We've been wanting to print a shirt saying:
"I got run over by Dragon*Con. Wheeeee..."

So Sunday night I went out with AB Mick and bounced between they Hyatt and and the Marriott until seven in the AM. We tried hitting they Pirate Party in the Hyatt but as a very disappointed Ninja pointed out as we got there, "This party sucks."

As we left we stopped at the Hyatt Parasol Bar and each grabbed a 12 dollar drink we dubbed as "Rum Bucket". it was mixed in a huge stainless urn as follows: two 32 ounce bottles of cranberry juice, one gallon of orange juice, two frozen cans of pineapple juice, and four bottles of rum (coconut, banana, apple, and regular). Served over ice in at least a 24 ounce bucket. Deceptive and fun.

So we walked back to the Marriott and hung out just outside the front door for the rest of the night with a few thousand people including a goodly portion of the 76th. After some quick advertising there were soon Rum Buckets by the dozen. Along with a backpack of Guiness, refillable flask of Bushmills, and the bottle of Sailor Jerry it seems the 76th and friends were very well fueled. We were graced with the presence of a piper that was kicked out of the Hyatt for "playing too loud" Drinkin; and dancing brought the night to a close (and the rising sun of course). AB Mick and myself went to the end of the D*C rave where there was about thirty people still dancing. Everyone was winding down with Bowie and yes I may have even went out and danced a bit.

Despited the blistered pavement pounded feet and a strangely twisted back that night really helped me wind down a little better than last year. I was feeling really sad as we watched the Masquerade on D*C Sunday night. Everyone in the room was spent and milking every last moment they could out of the Con. Despite the sadness and sickness I couldn't help but truly think that it is still one of the greatest things I've had the chance to experience. I've always had a curse/gift that has never settled well with me. Whenever I had physical contact with people there would always be some leeching of energy that I would carry around with me. It has never been good things that followed me around. But this time I don't feel that ugly lingering shadow.

If heaven doesn't have a Con then I might reconsider applying.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009 12:16 PM


It was good to see you again. 8-)

I did one last lap of D*C on Sunday Night in hopes of seeing somebody I know, and perhaps to check out Arc Attack at the Mad Scientists' Ball. I didn't see anybody (except 30,000 of my best friends dressed to party, wOOt!), and the line was capped before the party got going, so that was that. Goodbye to D*C for another year.


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