Final Fantasy VII: Adding to a classic, or killing it?
Wednesday, September 22, 2004

As most who are interested will have heard, there are two games based around FFVII coming out, as well as the movie.
The movie, Advent Children , set two years after the end of the game, has been previewed at Venice, and should (hopefully) be out by this time next year.
The first game, Before Crisis is a prequel starring the Turks. So far, it has only been announced for mobile phones.
The second game, Dirge of Cerberus has you playing as Vincent. It is supposedly set after Advent Children .

Now; is this a good thing?
Ever since it's release, FFVII has been considered one of the best of the Final Fantasy series. In fact, most people were expecting bits out of FFVII in the original FF movie, The Spirits Within .
The problem with any sequel or prequel is will it detract from the original? If so, then obviously it's best not to release it.
To be honest, I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst...
Keep on flyin'.



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