FB sometimes can be funny
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Animal: Swan. Name: Serenity. Personality: You are beautiful, whether you know it or not. You care for others and even if people don’t know it, you hold everybody close to your heart. Wish: Your wish is to one day, be free from everything around you. You want to go far away, you will miss your family and friends but you believe it is for the best. Friends: Your friends with everyone, some more then others. If you meet someone they are on your friends list. But if someone were to hurt someone close to you, you will hold a grudge against him or her for a very, very long time. Color: You like pale colors, preferably a light blue, green, purple or pink. Stone: White Sapphire. Hobbies: You should consider meditating, yoga, and things of that sort. Something relaxing. Maybe take a bubble bath. Quote: “Dare to dream, dare to fly, dare to be the ever chosen one to touch the sky.” –Quote I read somewhere. “The only thing better then love, is freedom.” –Quote by me. This quote is my opinion no one else’s. I’m sorry if you got this and you don’t believe that quote, it could also be that you believe freedom is a great part of life.

Took this quiz for my inner animal and though I wished it was something other than a swan, Cat would have been nice I thought the name was quite funny!!



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