Serenity BLU-RAY!!!!!!!! SQUEE!!
Sunday, April 5, 2009

So my gorgeous 17" laptop plays Blu-ray DVDs. When I found this out I knew right away that my first blu-ray would be Serenity. Well I bought it and man oh man is it ever SHINY!!

I'm not the biggest fan of HD and blu-ray...they are far more expensive and for what? a better quality...meh. Well, I swallowed those words after watching is gorgeous!!! Words cannot describe how amazing it is.

My favorite feature though HAS to be the fact that the commentary with the cast is VISUAL!!! It's a picture within a picture so we get to see Joss, Summer, Ron, Nathan and Adam talking!!! Summer's foot constantly bobs to the music and Adam is wearing a Serenity shirt and SQUEE!!! So so so so wicked!

I also got the novelization finally. I'm actually really enjoying it. I was a bit hesitant because of the Signal's review of it but it is quite fascinating!! Keith references the tv show all the time which is awesome and he flips to the other character's PoV all the time which is awesome cause then we find out what Jayne was thinking during the bank heist and what Wash was thinking while talking to Mr. Universe. Very intriguing.

Anywho, funny story to tell but this is getting long so I'll post it at a later date.

Y'all stay shiny now!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009 7:35 AM


the only thing i hate is EVERY TIME i pause the movie to get a beverage my blu-ray player stops and i have to re-boot my movie...grr argh !
Good Thing I Have Patience :)

Monday, April 6, 2009 4:01 PM


I'm so freaking jealous. *WANTS TO SEE THE COMMENTARY*

And sadly, I can't back you on the Serenity novelization...I disliked it...and when I say I disliked it, I mean that I nearly hated it.

But Serenity Blu-Ray...ME WANT!


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