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Monday, February 16, 2009


this site above is pretty cool i mean it pretty much your basic rp board or forum whatever you wish to call the site. Anyway its really cool and it caught my attention right away. I will post some picture latter on today because right now its like 3 am and i am about to fall asleep in my chair so i figure the picture can wait, but i still wanted you guys and girls to have a look.

The big thing that caught my attention is what they used as a logo for the site.

"It is the year 2009, and gamers worldwide looked expectantly to Sheng Long International for the release of their top-secret new gaming system. The company did not disappoint. On January 1st, the new game - Eternal Land - flooded the market in millions and was sold out in less than an hour.

The game came in surprisingly simple packaging. A gaming helmet and an instruction manual composed of its entirety. yet, this simple helmet would start a revolution. Across the globe, players slipped on their gaming helmet and were launched into a completely different world, the Continent of Kelara.

Boasting 99% realism, Eternal Land created an utopia devoid of the emptiness and boredom of daily life. Here, the gamers could be whatever class they wanted to be. Here, they could slay thousands of different monsters. Here, they could lead whatever life and start whatever relationships with zero regards to distance. But most importantly, here, they could experience everything with their own senses.

They could see a gorgeous sunset over the Jade Sea with their eyes. They could hear the whistling wind dancing across the Anvil Rock with their ears. They could feel the blistering heat of the Diessa Lowlands or the frigid ice storm of Griffon's Mouth on their skin. And they could feel the weight of their legendary weapons in their hands.

So what are you waiting for? Slip on your helmet and join us in this epic adventure of a lifetime!"

To See the pic of the site go here




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