Wolf Fenrir and River Tam ....?
Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wow its that time again, winter is almost here and christmas is just around the bend....well sort of. Any still messing my stolen ipod, but i have leanred not to be so moody about it. beat Just Cause for the xbox couple days ago, it was a good game, working on beating ninja gaiden 2, merc. 2, and Too Human.

There all good games i have to say though i like too human more then the other two, then ninja gaiden, followed by merc. 2 there good games but everyone has there own favorites. Now here is a riddle why does it cost money on exbox live to change your gamertag name...i think you should be able to change it if you want to.

Also some new updates for stories comming up soon. I also would like to say there might be a new story comming around the bend i am not sure yet. Its going to be a Firefly fanfic, everything is going to be Au though, its going have bits and pieces of too human in it and some nordic mythology. Also a tiny bit of naruto.

I got inspired to write this by, first reading Adam's Rib on the blue sun by Jacqui. Then i did a report on The Giant Wolf Fenrir and i have come up with the idea that maybe i could change firefly a tiny bit by making the blue handed people seal Fenrir into River with out her knownledge.

Anyway that's all i wanted to say for today.



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