Monday, October 13, 2008

Okay.. This is just a wee tv nostalgia blog. There's nothing too deep or meaningful in its content. I wanted to showcase some things that you may not have heard of. When I think back to my teens, it's scary how much stuff I liked. I was into a broad spectrum of drama - from the really good to the so-bad-it's-good.

'The Tribe' was a New Zealand post apocalyptic teen drama. Think Mad Max for kids. The programme was low budget, with a predominantly teenage cast emoting in a schmaltzy way. All the grown ups were dying of a virus. The cities were evacuated, leaving the kids to fend for themselves.

There was a big bad called Zoot, and he was the leader of the evil Locos. He ruled the city, and he looked like a Nazi. Amber was the leader of a tribe who sheltered the helpless in an abandoned shopping mall.

It was a teenage soap opera. I actually stopped watching around season four, when the quasi futuristic/religious tribe came in. They had this fanatical leader, which kind of grated on me at the time.. Hehehehe.

But yeah.. I thought that it had some cool characters. Amber, Lex, Salene, Ebony - (Zoot's second in command), Danni and Tai San were my favourites.

Here's some YouTube goodness:

Ep #1. Clip #1.

The Tribe Outro.

Sunset Beach was PURE cheese. If there was ever a televisual drug, then this was it. People around the UK were glued to their screens when this came on. It was bad; REALLY, REALLY bad, but it was so easy to get hooked on the storylines.

The show played up to its own cheesiness. The plotlines were so convoluted, it was like the writers were on crack when they did it. Hahahaha! Like, crazy curses, cheesy monologues, rich people, love interests and jealous friends, a priest and the whole 'Terror Island' story arc!

Aw man.. Man.. Hehehehe.. The Terror Island story was ridiculous. There was an English guy called Ben. He had an ex wife called Maria, who mysteriously died or disappeared. He also loves another woman called Meg. People suspect that Ben killed his wife. He's acting pretty weird, and they follow Ben to a creepy island. Cheesy as f, but with a great twist in the tale. Anywho.. Here's a clip:

Intro credits.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008 2:05 AM


I remember Sunset Beach ... it it burned into my telememory, and I wish it would heal! But it was fun, and since it didn't really take itself seriously it was one of the few soaps I could ever bring myself to watch. Now, if only we'd had One Life to Live over here in the UK ...


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