Firefly and School
Sunday, August 31, 2008

Three blog entries already? Is that too much? Dunno but it's fun!

Even though I'm an achiever at school, doing best at English and S&E, I've just been told by my form teacher I've missed too many days of school. I'm in year 10, so when she said If I can't improve I'll be kept down, I got a mite worried. For year 11 I'm going to another town like everyone else (no year 11/12 in my town) so I don't want to stay. That means less being sick (I can't help being unwell!!) and more school. You'd think, getting awards and doing my work well, that I'd like school. But I don't. It's boring, my town has hardly any sensible people my age in it...well I won't make an attempt to depress you.

Anyway, now I have the internet I can at least make half my life enjoyable! So I'm gonna throw myself into Firefly online! Blogs, posts, fanfic, rps...etc. I've just been accepted as Simon on a Firefly RP at which is great news for me. I'm also writing some fanfic soon (well probably not very soon) which I know features a very foggy planet, fog wolves, Niska and a secret powerful poison.

Unfortunately I have to keep this one short (I have to write my entire speech overnight for a debate, where my team is arguing against nuclear power in Australia). I'll now head off to the Rp to start on it.
See ya!

..I've noticed when contacting firefly fans that time difference really does make a difference. Someone said night to me not long ago, and it's only just 5PM now. Oh well, See ya!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008 2:31 AM


I had the same problem last year... I'm an achiever @ school and beacause of a problem with my low pressure I had to be in hospital quite a lot, so I lost a lot of school days and my marks went down. I think this site really helped me...I kept writing and it's amazing how relaxing it can be ... and there's another thing... Firefly is like pringles - once you pop, you can't stop! lol

Keep flying ;)

Monday, September 1, 2008 3:34 AM


Yes, immerse yourself in this world: it really does help. People here are unbiased, so when you have a problem they help you to see light of the situation.

You'll fall in love and never leave. (Y)

&& yes, time difference does make a difference, its quite odd at first - but you'll get used to it!

(: xxx


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