The Albatross Diaries (1,2,3...Check...)
Friday, August 15, 2008 now everybody's filked and/or fanfic'd the story of Serenity and her crew up one side and down the other. Including me. Some's good, some's bad, and some...well, it ain't real shiny to put it mildly. Kinda like them plates for sale on that border moon where they kidnap pompous journalin' doctors who are never seen again.

Haven't looked real hard to see if it's been done(probably lots), AND I know that I should be posting this in the fanfic section, BUT I thought I'd try it out first, see if I should keep goin' or turn the other way and pretend it never happened.
So, you logbook browsers out there, lend me your eyes for a click and I'll show em somethin' interestin'. They're called 'The Albatross Diaries', and they're what passes for River Tam's own record of her time in The Academy, and her descent into madness. The project daunts me a little--kinda scary prospect for a writer, doncha think?

The following is rather shorter than the explanation, but that's what you get in today's world. :D
I just took one entry out of the middle of the time period--for those wanting detailed analysis, leave a comment. Until then, have a slice of Academy mystery meat...mwah ha...enjoy...



ENTRY #???

These are the things I will keep in the layers of myself and never show them off to anyone. I can say so much more in a breath and the shine of my eyes, everything at once. Only breathing. All the silent consonants tumbling over themselves like a nearly audible mist. [Say so much more in a breath.] Or the pattern of letters on a page in a book of words. Not the story or the plot. The pattern. The world is so complicated! Atoms make compounds, compounds join molecules and a desk or a table can be represented in code. Words. Letters. Read, they can kill or save. Between the lines there is more---electrons, quarks. Gravity. We understand gravity, we put it in standard drives. But when we jump we still fall to the ground. Maybe we understand how gravity works. Not gravity itself. The story, not the pattern. [Results are everything]. It's just doing its job. It won 't talk to you.



Saturday, August 16, 2008 3:50 AM


Good, I'd like to read more.


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