Finally made some new converts
Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Until last night I could only claim one convert to the 'verse, that being my son. But...last night I invited a friend and his gf over for dinner and a movie, Firefly style.

No, we didn't have protein in all the colors of the rainbow. We had some of my dynamite lasagna, but later we sat down to view "Serenity."

I had told him a bit about it before, and he had heard about it but never saw it, and she had never even heard about it. Needless to say, they both enjoyed it a lot. We talked about it for at least an hour afterwards and they will be coming over to see some more eps as soon as our schedules permit. They both work weird hours so I don't know when that will be.

Neither of them have a dvd player so probably won't be buying Firefly for a while, but after I told them how good all the other eps were, and the fact there are extra features and good Joss and cast commentaries on many of them, they kept looking at each other and saying "We've got to get a dvd player soon, don't you think?"

Also, I'm still waiting to hear from an internet friend in Australia, who I finally convinced to get the dvds. Last time I heard he had watched the first two discs, but said he did not want to comment on it until he had watched the rest.


Thursday, September 9, 2004 2:31 PM


My Australian friend finally replied to my question of whether he liked the show or not. Here is his answer:

"I love the freakin' thing !!!

My Mad Lebanese Wife went out, so I watched Serenity & The Train Job.
Then a mate of mine brought his kids round, so we started again at the beginning. Then Jet came home. We didn't start again at this point, but when my mate left, I did replay Serenity for her so that she had a better idea of what was going on.
By 2 in the morning I'd actually managed to get through 3 discs...and I finished the 4th the next night.
Jet's been putting it on all week to see it in the right order.
The only thing I can remember watching more often in a week was the extended version of LotR-FotR. (God, we gave that a hammering. About 6 times in 4 days, by memory.)

I love the freakin' thing.
We love the freakin' thing.
Everybody in The Land of Oz apparently loves the freakin' thing...cause copies have become very hard to find. Most places are Fireflyless at the moment.

Hopefully that will satisfy you for the moment.
I will now go visit the real Firefly area around...and check it out.

Rockin' & Rollin' in The Land of Oz

Thursday, September 9, 2004 1:03 AM


The original Spiderman did $114 million in its opening three days(!) not its first two weeks. I think that is a bit unrealistic to expect of Serenity, but not the $100 million in two weeks. It is more likely to follow the pattern of The Matrix, which opened to only $33 million, but built an audience through word of mouth and great reviews and ended up grossing about $214 million.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004 3:38 PM


Well, they have to make 100 million in the first two weekends, I mean, those are like spiderman numbers so that's not very realistic is it? I have no doubt they can make 100 million in hte long run, especially worldwide, but not in the first two week-ends.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004 9:34 AM


Yes, as Adam said several times, more movies depends on Box Office of the first weekend and the second weekend. Reports varied on movie costs 40-50 million. they will spend about the same on promotion so we have to at least double it before the film "makes money".
so Box office for first weekend and second weekend need to approach 80-100 Million.


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