Deep Thinking on Blessings in Disguise; the axing of Firefly.
Saturday, June 28, 2008

Before I start, this log does not mean I am glad for the uncerimonious axing of Firefly, nor am I vouching for the fwa-tza-duh-pi-gu f*x execs.

Now, on to the log.

I watched the piolet today. I began thinking of the many unanswered questions. Inara's vial, Shepherd Book, the mysterious area down the ladder in the cockpit, and the numerous others. I began, like many of us do, to formulate my own ideas and scenarios. Then I thought about something very strange. Rather alarming in that "this bites, but rocks" kinda way.

If we had been answered all of our questions, would we think of all of these fun little ideas. I'm sure we couldn't compare with the real answers that Joss had, but they get us going. They make us think. Make us think of how we miss it, how much we love it.
I'm not saying I wouldn't love to have all of my questions answered, but the axing brought us as a community coser together by sharing our ideas and theories.

Now do not go thinking I wouldn't love to see Firfly brought back. I would love to see "Dead or Alive" (the unproduced script) made into an episode. Or to have had the original BDM script shot. I just am thinking that the questions that not knowing what hese things are as much as a blessing as they are a curse.

There. I said my deep thinking. I hope this inspired you somehow.

Xie xie,


Sunday, June 29, 2008 1:00 AM


I'd tend to agree with you - there's something about a great idea that's obviously left incomplete or mismanaged that encourages fan creativity. Besides Firefly, my other big fandom is 'Roswell', which had 3 years on tv, but most of the ardent fans would probably say that the first 6 months were great and then the creators managed to lose what was so great about the show. So fanfic ideas are also very fertile over there, years after the series finale was shown.


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