A little about myself
Friday, June 6, 2008

I saw two episodes of Firefly when it was still on the Fox network: The Train Job (which served as its pilot, even though it wasn't the pilot) and Shindig. I didn't really understand the series then, I'll admit. It wasn't until a young woman taking a tour through the building called me "Kaylee" that I remembered the show at all.

"Kaylee?" I said. "Like the mechanic on TV?"

She squealed, and hugged me. "Yes! I'm so happy that somebody else knows who she is! I've got some DVDs to show you!"

Was it the red hair? The grease smudged on my face and overalls? Or the fact that I was underneath a console, installing new switches? I may never know. I never saw her again after that day.

But true to her word, she sent me the whole dang series, and my love affair with the show began.

So yes, the story in "This Is Not A Fanfic" is real. Very very few details had to be changed; mostly names. The station is a historical landmark now; it was literally falling apart at the seams when Boss bought it and started running it -- which was a strange thing to do; most people with the money to buy things like radio stations (or spaceships) can't be bothered to actually run them, and hire underlings to do their dirty work.



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