An Eerie Coincidence
Monday, May 19, 2008

Here's how it goes, out here on the Rim:

I was outside my residence the other day with my brother when the mail truck drove up.
He said, "You get it, I have to check my sourcebox," and disappeared inside.

So I waltzed right up to that truck, thinkin' to give the mailperson a break. After giving me a once-over, I guess to make sure I wasn't carrying lethal weapons, a concealed dog, or a can of mace(I have a very unthreatening demeanor), she smiled at me and handed me the pile of envelopes as best she could.

Only then did I notice my terrible mistake.

On her hands was a sight I have come to fear, in waking life and nightmares---

blue latex gloves.
Y'all know the particular shade.

I did my best to smile and turn calmly away from the truck as it ground to life again and went on.
But the shade on the porch had never felt so cold on the back of my neck as that hot

I haven't seen her since.



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