I missed my 2nd anniversary!
Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've been lurking about this place for two years. How about that?

Granted, I've been slow to post recently (say the last six months or so!) but that's not to say that I've lost interest or even stopped writing. I'm just trying to craft something beyond a basic scene or two. Part of my head lives out in the Black permanently, I suppose. I'm waiting on the collected 'Better Days' at present - you want the good stuff, go to the source - and retooling my 'Zen' sequel. I've got a little jammed with the start-up, because I've taken it in a different direction to the original conception. But I've also been working on a little something else, a collaborative affair. Yep, there's someone out there as mad as I am; the fun bit will be finding out if you guys can spot the joins when our unwieldy monster lurches onto the scene and starts ripping it up.

In RL, still have no kitchen, and a house that looks like, well, the shipyard Mal got 'Serenity' from. Only dustier. And with more saucepans. The Black seems like a good place to be at the mo.


Sunday, May 11, 2008 3:49 PM


I don't envy you at all on both counts. Had our kitchen reno'd a while back... what a mess.

Looking forward to the monster sightings... ;)


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