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Monday, May 5, 2008

I'll put this on a thread...later...when it's more complete, because there is definately more to come:
**THE NEW ONES**(Of which category--'Big' or 'Eensy'? Consider 'em....'new'.)

1.) So there's Alliance who/what/where files on everybody 'cept Inara. How old IS she?

2.) If River's so off-the-charts "intuitive"---a reader, etc., the question I never got over(and only suppressed through my love of the Fruity Oaty Bar song)was HOW DID THEY TRICK HER INTO GOING TO THE ACADEMY IN THE FIRST PLACE? Wouldn't her "riversense" tell her "Heyyy, slow down a minute here, River. Them there look like pretty bad folks. I'm gettin' baaaad vibes off the wave the Academy sent to my dedicated sourcebox." Or maybe there are no 'vibes' in cyberspace...or whatever we use in 500 years...

3.) In the utterly famous cantina scene in Serenity where River goes all Miranda on the other customers, WHY does she HESITATE to shoot Mal? Other than it looking like a space-age western...:D

Here follows the old, boring stuff:(pre-5/19/08)


1.) What IS in Inara's syringe? (seen in the scene where a Reaver boarding is discussed as a possibility)I always assumed it was poison so she could kill herself (and possibly others) if captured by Reavers rather than face a fate 'worse than death'. Joss said it's not. So now the theories abound...

2.) What was the purpose of River in Alliance hands? Some think she was supposed to become a kind of Operative(how similar are they?), and that there would be this galaxywide sort of Treadstone project...
But is 'Miranda' an unconcious trigger or a deliberate cover-up trigger?

3.) In "War Stories", River 'does the math'---a shameless example of trying to exalt her skills to math phobics---and lethally shoots Kaylee's 3 assailants with barely a glance. (Scary yesss preciousss...)
Does anyone remember the integral calculus name for this? There's also a statistics name for it,using a different set of concepts, but unfortunately I can't remember either right now...only so much remains when your recall centers have been stripped by those who want to overload them...ha...


1.)Is Joss going to be sued by the makers of Alien for incorporating the Weyland-Yuitani logo into Firefly? (Yes, I lose sleep over this)

2.) What is Joss' theatrical intention with all the shots of River's feet?

3.) Where is the scene with these "space insects" I keep hearnin' about? (Kaylee WAS right--"Don't let bugs...bite!")

4.)What is Badger's obsession with flamingoes?

5.) If in her "they're hurting us, get me out" letters to Simon, River says 'Did you like the [Darlington's] ball? I thought it was duller than last year.", why wasn't anyone screening them at the Academy tipped off by the sheer fallacious logic? Although Simon gets what his parents don't (i.e., they don't know anyone with that name and therefore something else is being said) how could River even attend their fictious ball since she's at the Academy?


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 6:14 PM


1. I have to accept Tim Minear's explanation but I think there's a different reason also.

2.River's purpose. We really don't know yet because it's still in Joss's brain but I have seen several fics with River as the ultimate weapon against the Reavers. (Kaynara among them).

3. I did American history and avoided math like the plague so I can't help here either.

Tbe Eensy ones

1. I'm with SpaceAngl here too.

2.If you listen to the commentaries enough, Joss just loves Summer's feet. Likely because she's a dancer.

3.Don't know nothing about no space monkeys I could go on and on about.

4. Shawna Trpcic, the lead costume designer, loves flamingos and it was her idea. I think it's in the commentary on Shindig.

5.River is smarter than the Alliance docs.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 3:15 AM


'Kay -1) the syringe was a nasty Tim Minear idea. It contained a toxin that would kill anyone who had, er, relations with the Companion.

2)I'm thinking corporate espionage, myself. It didn't smack of military R&D, but it was black ops of some sort. Maybe someone in government was making themselves a little insurance. But she's a perfect assassin, really. She doesn'tlook scary, and she can be triggered. You seen the Manchurian Candidate?

3) Sorry, I did history.

It's one of the costume designers who has the flamingo fetish, and Joss wrote Alien 4, I expect he felt he could pinch the logo. Joss likes dancers feet (go figure) and giant space bugs would tie in with the fact that the Alliance uniforms are left over from 'Starship Troopers' :)

On the letter front - she's a rambling loon. As long as nobody actually tries to take the pen away from her, I expect they'd let her write anything short of 'someone cut a hole in my brain.'

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 3:07 AM


Personally, I think that if River's training had completed, she could probably have blown the Operative, James Bond, Neo, and Batman all away, hehe. A super-operative, capable of sneaking into any secret enemy installation half a dozen ways, stealing any secrets, accomplishing any secret mission, and outfighting an armed infantry company. One little girl more valuable to the Alliance than a dreadnought battleship. But maybe that's going a bit too far, hehe.

Monday, May 5, 2008 1:08 PM


>>3.) Where is the scene with these "space insects" I keep hearnin' about? (Kaylee WAS right--"Don't let bugs...bite!")>>

In Objects in Space, as the camera pans up from River eavesdropping on the crew in the galley we see some roaches in between the ceiling of the cargo bay and the floor of the galley.


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