Found a local Browncoat ! (finally!)
Saturday, April 26, 2008

We have a new comic store just opened up in my town (finally!) and I went in to find 'Better Days'. Told ComicBookGuy I was a Browncoat, and we spent the next half an hour riffing on all things Whedon and the Big Damn 'Verse! He had a lovely big Chuck poster on the wall...if they have a Casey one, I just might have to get one for the office.

Such a relief to find a place where I didn't feel weird. (If you are female and in the Mal's age bracket, people do not understand a fascination with comics, I find) Plus I should be getting vol's 1& 2 next week!

I'm still not back in my office, since my house is full of plumbers and sparkies (new kitchen and central heating.) All I can do is look forward to being warm again, and having my lovely new range to play with. (Big five-burner gas hob, with one of those mid-burner wok rings, that sound like something taking off. Wheee!!)

Still, I'm writing at the mo. Longhand mainly, with short bursts of typing up when I can. It's something a little different, and I'm enjoying it. here's hoping you do too.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008 2:16 PM


It is nice to find locals with the same interests....wish I could say I have...being new to the 'verse I am still looking here in the Central Florida area...I know they have to be here I am just not looking in the right spot...congrats on finding a friend,

gentle journey,


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