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Friday, April 25, 2008

Christmas can sure be a lonely time for some - the sick, the elderly – all of those who live alone… and anyone unlucky enough to be working the holiday! And it IS a holiday – or should be… doesn’t matter what religious persuasion you are, what faith you hold, what calendar you set store by – in all ways the year is nearing its end – the cycle completed. You have worked your time, your seasons, you have earned your respite - your holiday.

And a holiday should be celebrated – everyone deserves the chance. Man, woman, child – family is never more important than during a holiday… For most of us the chance to savour the time we have with our kin is all too rare.
Some of you may wonder – what kin? And – are my kin the sort of folks others would call family? It matters not.

More than any other time, Christmas is a festival that allows us to cast aside our blinkers. Celebrating our own – we can take a moment, a breath, to savour the delight of the ALL. The totality. People. Mankind. One another

Thus, even those of us without creed or calling can embrace something of the ethos of the holiday – the traditional Christmas Spirit. In doing so we quickly realise, such values are not owned by any one religion, one race, one tribe or nation, they are common to us all. Christmas can teach us empathy above everything else.

It is with this in mind that I am personally delighted to sponsor this years’ Present Appeal and Gift Aid – and to announce its overwhelming success. Hundreds of thousands of gifts are ready to be distributed to those who would otherwise struggle to enjoy even a meagre celebration. Those families torn apart by conflict – of any kind – will have a little peace, a gift of hope – that can be shared. Those in places where the holiday is rarely celebrated – perhaps even frowned on by the powers in control – will be touched. The appeal will not simply bring presents, toys, objects, food – it will bring understanding.

To some - our ways, our culture, our reasoning – are alien, strange – even frightening. The appeal will show that we are ALL human – are sympathies with one another can cross simple ideological boundaries. We can be enemies again tomorrow. We can be strangers again tomorrow…
but not today. Today we are kin… because today is Christmas.
In such a way – do we bring peace, if only briefly. In such a way do we plant seeds – that may grow – that may ripen and bear fruit. In such a way there is the chance that tomorrow will find us friends – enemies and strangers no longer.

Those who are oppressed – and who look to us for some sign of remembrance, will find it this Christmas. Thus do we show support, a gift most precious. And for those who truly are our enemies – they will see that we are not so easily dismissed or demonised, for our face will be seen clearly – reflected in an act of kindness. Good Will can be a conquering force. Think on that with humility… as you celebrate -
A very Merry Christmas,
The Chairman. Blue Sun Corporation.


Saturday, April 26, 2008 4:41 AM


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