nods head
Friday, March 7, 2008

was just passing through seems we still have a spammer in the chatroom (wont say what im thinking)Anyhow the last couple of weeks got a new car,tis nice, and now the company putting us on a 3 day week,lots of unrest and bitchin going on trying to rise above it and keep my reaver at bay,which aint easy.Anyway i know it aint good manners too post a blog so soon after the last one but i gotta get this off my chest.I usually keep in the shadows when im reading other fanfics,dont read many as im trying too write my own(which is surely a non-starter for now)and this is a part of the last blog,since i found that i could get the fics on my phone its been a godsend,taken me away from the crud in work for awhile .i also have to apologize too all who do write fanfics for not posting comments;reading one at the moment which is brilliant and the member is no more ,shame.



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