Happier Times
Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I've found that as time goes on, genre fandom goes through some growing pains. Everybody has different ideas about how it's "supposed to be" and they can be pretty adamant about it. Some of that has been showing up here lately, but that's the nature of the beast - everybody grows in different ways.

One thing that hasn't changed is the single-minded devotion we all have toward Serenity and her crew. In the past that has shown up in parallel experiences in everyday life. For me, just seeing a suede brown jacket sets me to smiling and thinking of happier times. Listed here are some of the threads that reflected that frame of thinking - threads that make me hope the devotion will remain, even when our unity fails.

Yet Another Firefly Moment
posted by Cybersnark, May 2005

Top Ten Things I Learned From Watching The Serenity Trailer (SPOILERS)
posted by ManWithPez, April 2005

Music to Keep Flying by
posted by ZachsMind

Top 10 favorite lines from Firefly
posted by JAVIDRHO

It's Called the Firefly Sickness
posted by RobStarwind

Today I thought of Firefly When
Posted by Stillshiny
Posted by yours truly

Firefly came to mind today when...

So what made you think of Firefly lately?

Ten things I learned from watching Firefly
posted by Lerxst



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