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Saturday, February 23, 2008

I been dreaming alot lately. Weird dreams about my life and the realities i'm writing with all smushed together. Which is great on the one hand, i've come up with some killer lines, but sucks on the other because i'm masively sleep deprived.

Anyway i thought i would put some quotes from future episodes up here. They are full of tease but i don't want them just sitting around until i get to writing the episodes! Thats not fun at all....

So in no particular order and with no real explanation....

River: Mal’s gone mad.

Simon: No he hasn’t (chinese little sister)

Jayne: (sarcastic) Increduously excitables the phrase I would’t have used.

After a moment of silence.

River: If they die. We die. (she is reffering to Inara and Derria and the fact that if they die the crew will be torn apart)
Zoe: It’s a planet half populated with Reaver’s, Sir I don’t think you fully comprehend….

Mal: No I don’t think you understand. Probable the most important women, as I’ve just found out, are dying down there.

Zoe: You’re right Sir. How could I possible know anything about someone important to me dying at the hands of a Reaver.

(pause as they both take a breather)

Zoe cont: (quetly) We’ll get them back.

Mal: (louder) You’re GORRAM straight we will.

Mal storms out of the bridge and Zoe glances towards the pilots chair. She places a hand on her newely swollen belly.
Mal: I’m an old friend of Shepard Book, just wantin to do the right thing, let his family know.

Shepard Chartel: Of Course, there is unfortunately little I can tell you about his times before the Abbey. His times with us however are greatly detailed.

Mal: I’ll take what I can get.

Shepard Chartel: I must leave you for the moment, to pray. Would you care to join?

Mal: um…you go ahead, I’ll spend time..ah reflecting alone.

Shepard Chartel: As you wish.
Council Member: Indefinant Suspension, until you appeal to us otherwise.

Inara’s jaw drops a little.

Inara: How am I spose to do that. If I am not a Companion. How am I meant to prove my loyalty to the guild to be granted an appeal?

Council member: The guild has reached their decision, do not try to argue. It is beneath Companions to argue Inara.

Inara is silent.
Mal: Make good ‘n’ sure those bolts wont rust or detatch. That’s the last thing we need comin in on atmo.

Wash: I got it.

Mal: And Kaylee said somen bout metal fragments flyin into the engine room, so watch we don’t leave somen to fly into the air ducts…

Wash: I know Mal.

Mal: And…

Wash stops what he is doing to turn and talk to Mal.

Wash: I know how to fix a Gorram primary buffer panel…(of Mal’s look)….sir.

The pair are silent for a moment while Wash continues to work.

Wash: You know we’ll be flyin right by there, wouldn’t be trouble to stop in for a visit?

Mal: Troubles all it would be, sides minds were made, no point in dwelling on it.
Mal: Why were you at Badgers?

Inara: That’s hardly any of your business.

Mal: Well actually…..

Inara: Mal. Shut up. This has nothing to do with you. I want my work back, my life. They have taken everything away from me.

Mal: That aint true and you know it.

Inara stops arguing for a moment because she knows he is meaning himself and the crew on Serenity.

Inara: He was setting some papers in order for me. Companion documents…..

Mal: Fake companion documents….

Inara: Fake documents so that I could continue working from Serenity.

Mal: You’re not a companion anymore Nara. You don’t have to live by their rules. You can do whatever you want, you can (a beat) be with whoever you want.

Inara: Mal…

Mal: (interrupting her)….walk away. You wanna live your life that way, that’s fine by me but you don’t do it on my ship. I aint got time for those games.

Inara: (very hurt by his last comment) you….dont want me…..here.

Mal: What you an I both want and what you and I both can have always been dissimilar, and sides we both know you aint been a companion for a while now. (beat) When was the last time you actually slept with a client..

A tear had begun to fall down her cheek and Mal, to stay in control had looked away from her.

Inara: They’re just papers Mal….

Mal: (Chinese fine) But not on my boat, go take your papers and do what you do best somewhere else, but remember this Nara. They don’t want you anymore. The guild doesn’t want you. You do this and you …..are just a whore…

A tear out of Inara’s other eye runs down her face, everything Mal is saying is true but he hasn’t said the one thing she wants to hear.

Mal cont: They don’t want you anymore (after a heartbreaking pause), but I still do.

Mal leaves Inara where she is standing and walks away from her. Inara stands broken and very confused.
Kaylee; Are you makin fun of my bindi zit or my love hicky from Sir Sucks alot?

Simon: You mean that pimple and mosquito bite?

Kaylee grins at Simon playfully who grins back. His smile fades however when he notices Derria standing in the background. The reaver girl watches the pair for a moment then decides she had better leave.

Simon (to Kaylee): I'll be back to mock you later.

Kaylee: You better

Simon follows Derria and leaves Kaylee ignorant of why he left.

Ok so that was a few more quotes than what i was gonna put down but once i started.......

Leaving now




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