Of Love and Loyalty.
Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well my fellow Coat wearers of a brownish colour it's been a while i know.

I've been enjoying a much deserved bit of rest and i gotta say i've needed it.

The last couple weeks have had me thinking about alot of things but in particular Love and Loyalty.

I have a friend a really good one, She's been the most shiny thing to have come into my life of late. We began catching up last year when my head was not in a good place i was remarkably shut off (much to the shock of alot of my comrades when i tell them this now) and my friend who i've dubbed Bao Bei (ironically i've called her this since the begining of 07 and she only asked what it meant the other night) helped me to get my head on right.

Now we are incredibly close and there is no mistaking it and whilst we both say we love eachother it's not a tip toe through the Tulips kind of love. This is a Loyalty love as i call it. I swore loyalty to her. In short if she ever needed me no matter the cost i'd be there and we both know this. Everyone that knows me says that i'm obviously in love with my Bao Bei but i don't care as i know what i have better than them so it doesn't phase me. I'd be lying of course if i said i didn't think about it in the begining but i very quickly pushed these thoughts aside. My loyalty to her is more important than that.

Recently we had our first 'issue' which has been since fully resolved to everyones satisfaction (most assuredly mine). But it had the potential to become a serious problem and i found myself looking down the barrel of losing her. Made me take stock of things most ricky tick. Also it made me learn just how much she means to me and also due to our last palaver i've got a good idea at how much i mean to her. It warms an old bear's heart to know these things (timing she just messaged me then).

After alot of thought i realised something I can can't tell you the difference between love and Loyalty at times i wonder if they aren't one in the same.

Either way i feel good and i have a saying 'When Life's Good Don't Ask Why"

See you all another time


Monday, January 28, 2008 6:10 AM


Just because it's not a tiptoe now, doesn't mean it can't be... just recently went from loyalty to tiptoe and it is GREAT!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008 5:48 PM


Thanks mate i felt i had it down pat. I'm glad it made sense.

Saturday, January 26, 2008 11:57 PM


nods head,nuff said


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