Drive season ii ep 4
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Drive season ii.4– Man on Fire:

He was a driving on fire – he was a man on fire, scalded by the hot flames wriggling up from the inside of him – he was burning up from the inside. He needed a drink. He needed a jack.
He needed to jack.

Wha?- no! – mutha – always the good kid done right – never the – remember that frowning Grrl? Yeah… that’s right - frowning, she saw clean through dat racist gangsta crap you people like to whip on me – you some chico latino – wet back bad boy crack addict?

Am now.
Can be anything you want to be.
Anything but here. Anything but still.

JEEZ – will you just watch the fucking road!
Aint nuttin to see mister – just me, my wheel and my leaving – less ways you catch a glimpse of my passenger – you see her? Hell, yeh – aint dat for true? Reason why I reek of gasoline…

She likes to hang with the men on fire.

My bro’ he got himself on fire – friendly fire, y’believe that? Aint no race no more – he tell me, wise up dumb ass – I aint racing – you aint racing – I aint your partner and

Poof! Well aint he gone now. So much for the bad son.

He weren’t never my real bro anyhow – somethin’ mo’ than blood.


I’m a man on fire – need to catch a hold a that small keen flame.
Smell my gasoline baby.
Never did used to talk like this.

My partner? She don’t say nuttin’ – don’t think she’s sposed to talk… not a infidel like me.
Well lookadat – my hand so shakin’ on the wheel.
I’m a man on fire.
She just sit cool under her veil, under her Debuik – or whatever they call it.
Aint no way flame proof. ‘well ‘ cept maybe – hey screw you trucker man – peckerwood! Clear out this road for me man – driving straight to hell.
Burning up this inter-state – freeway lanes like the tracks of my tears – tracts on my arm. Yeah… you seen ‘em?
Aint I a bad boy now?

Shaking on the wheel.

A man on fire.

SHE had a man on fire – when they cornered him in the gas station – A bus loada kids blown up on the highway – big report screaming it were a bomber found him and cornered him at the gas depot – didn’t speak no English. No English? Mutha- what the f—k you doin’ in our god alwhitey nation huh? – gone kill you some of our kids? They aint heard yet was just the damn engine combustin’ – was just the damn heat – heat seeks a fire.
A fire – can’t say sure they meant to do no more than KICK him to death, but a cigarette, a match, a gas depot and a man can’t crawl? Bound to end in flames.

She didn’t even scream. And they were coming for her, next – maybe… I picked her up. Threw in my car. She’s my partner now. She thinks, maybe she thinks – who freakin’ knows, man - I saved her life – but all I did for real was kidnap her sorry widowed ass.
All she done was swap one man on fire for another
Aint I the bad man now?
Aint this what you wanted?
Aint this the point of the race???




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