3am (and I can't) Breathe
Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm awake, are you?

I think I might have pneumonia. Again. Or something wheezy and cough related. I just discovered that the albuterol inhaler is no longer helping much if at all.

Since it is now Sunday there is no way my Doctor's office will be open today, which means that I will probably have to desert my houseguests and take my happy ass to Prompt Care or the ED somewhere and politely ask them to kindly let me make with the breathing thing again. It honestly wasn't that bad until this/last night. Really.

I'm trying to do something vaguely productive, other than cough, yet not wake the others. (Points for anyone who got that pun.) Sitting upright and walking around seems to help a bit.

I'd sigh, but I'm too pathetic for even that much respiratory exertion.



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