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Friday, December 14, 2007

I dragged myself out of bed and the library (same thing this past month) to check out the WGA rally and picket this afternoon. There were dozens of Browncoats (I counted four Jayne hats!), so I showed my love for my other favorite show "Mad Men" on my picket sign. There were also lots of cameras and camcorders, so I'm sure better footage and reports of the rally than mine will surface.
In brief:
- Joss, Jamie, and Rob made excellent speeches - Joss giving the AMPTP a choice between the WGA's demands for fair wages or dragons
- Other union leaders attended, and a WGA insider mentioned that the AMPTP is not as strong as they appear, since they are also comprised of many factions
- Support for the WGA is growing, and we should not believe the rumours that the AMPTP spin-artists will soon be spreading
- Joss has a cold, but he still made it!
- Rob Kutner made a few jokes about Alberto Gonzales winning Attorney of the Year, but not being able to recall the honor...

I didn't get a chance to have my Jossabilia signed afterward, but I'm *really* glad I came out to show my support for the writers, and I hope this bloody strike ends soon!


Saturday, December 15, 2007 11:32 AM


walking in the shadows of giants.dun tips hat

Saturday, December 15, 2007 6:41 AM


Oh frick yah, that was an awesome event. I can't believe what a trooper Joss was, with a long trip, a cold, a three-hour rally and six hours of sitting in the bookstore basement with legions of squeeing fans descending upon him....I felt like telling the people who had heaps of stuff for him to sign that they were going to give the poor guy carpal tunnel and he wouldn't be able to write even if the strike ended. :P

But, even at that, that's gonna be a day looooong remembered - esp. now that there's almost 3,000 photos posted on the Fans4Writers flickr.


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