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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Figured it's about time I actually started blogging, so here we are then. Dunno how many people, or who either, will read this, but if you do, thanks for taking the time.

Just lately, I've been more, well obsessed is the word I suppose, about firefly. Normally I'll every so often just say something about firefly in the middle of a conversation, even when it has no bearing at all. But I haven't been watching anything of it for some time now, and the flame in my heart has been rekindled. Now I'm finding myself bringing the 'verse in as much as I can to absolutely ANYTHING. In particular, I've done a lot of thinkin' 'bout all the shiny people in the verse, and also the shiny people who made it possible. Wash is by far and large the funniest guy in the 'verse, and most definately my favourite, and I find myself thinking up more and more wash quotes to put as my tag in Messenger in appreciation for the person that was created by making Firefly.

Even better though, I've been shown this website with loads of firefly gear on it. If I could, I'd be selling every wobbly headed doll under the sun to some middleman just to get enough cashy money to buy some gorram good gear. Although, that particular place is off limits without a liscensed companion (well, way of paying in dollars from the UK, same kinda idea when ya think on it) it's a damn sight harder. But at least I've got something to aim for.

I suppose that the point of this blog is that, I love Firefly. Who doesn't? But more than that, I love every shiny shiny person who put in their best and hearts into making it as good as it was.

Quite appropriate really, in "Jaynestown", Book said to River "It's about letting it be real enough to change you" (or something like that, can't find the specifics what with being at school and having an active content filter being shoved up my pee-goo). Either way, Firefly was real enough, and it has changed me. And I thank every shiny shiny person who was involved in making Firefly (and serenity of course, it's implied with ever mention of firefly) for making it such a great phenomenon, that has really made me appreciate human resiliance, to do whatever we can to keep that which we are no matter what the odds are. But also that you should never take your Government for granted, and you should always stand up for your beliefs.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007 5:07 AM


OK well said! HUGS


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