The Incident Outside Hunt Lake
Friday, November 23, 2007

Short story time people.
....... after re reading this story in a more awake state... i needs work but a good start no?

Michael and Madelyn Owens were twins, born just a few minutes apart in the early thaw leading to spring. Michael was also rumored to be Raewyn Corwin’s boyfriend, haven been seen with her at dances and various other locations together and the fact that Raewyn wore his school ring on her thumb. That’s why when Kaleb Hayes and Madelyn drove into Hunt Lake that rainy June night, leaving Madelyn in the morgue and Kaleb in the ER, Micheal was the one who was sent to tell Raewyn.
Raewyn and Madelyn had been best friends since their swaddling days so she broken down crying it wasn’t a surprise. It was expected. Best friends mourn each other, especially when they die so young. But wasn’t expected was how she acted afterwards.
She didn’t reach out and try to find solace in the other girls. She didn’t talk to the counselors the minister sent. She didn’t talk to her mother or Madelyn’s. She sat alone on the shore of the Lake and locked in her room everyday until the incident, until our lives changed forever.
The funeral was held off for a week’s span so the rains could stop and the earth to be dry enough for the burial and giving Raewyn enough time to take action. But still its unclear when she broke into the Owens’ home. As far as we can gather she did so the day after she died while the family was still at the morgue and funeral home. Kim Miller saw her outside their home.
The Owens still claim since they notice nothing out of place that she didn’t and was there for lying. The protest and turn a blind eye, even when the evidence says other wise. Guess it must be hard to except the truth sometimes.
But whatever the truth is all the town knows is that Raewyn changed everyone’s perceptions.
Raewyn was asked to say something at the funeral, because as Madelyn best friend, she would have to have some positive and insightful things to say about her. It was expected.
She wasn’t in the chapel when it the minister started the service. She wasn’t there when Mrs. Owens talked about her daughter nor when the Mr. Owens told the mourning mass about Madelyn’s childhood. She wasn’t there when Michael wept his tale of his sister. She wasn’t there when the minister told of hers family and friends. We didn’t think she was showing by then so when she banged open the doors at the minister’s end we all jumped.
She was a shocking sight among the black cloaked mourners dressed in Madelyn’s favorite pink t-shirt and worn black jeans. She walked quickly down the aisle with determination a flamed in her eyes and her arms filled with bound pieces printer papers and worn journal. She stopped only to whisper in Kaleb’s ear and him to return the gesture.When Kaleb got up and hobbled out we had no idea what we where in for.
She took the podium and ignored the minister’s whisper of reassurance and cast her gaze upon us. With a shaky breath she enlightened us.
“I was asked to speak to you to tell you about Madelyn. I was asked because I was her friend. I was asked because if you want to impact drama and tragedy the peers give the best story and make you feel better that we still mourn for the youth, that we still feel pain. But though I was chosen for the wrong reasons, still I choose to talk because Madelyn deserves to be truly known.
“I don’t know what I can really tell you that you didn’t hear already. About there girl you saw and thought you knew. Who you thought you saw. So I’m not going to say anything. I’m going to let Madelyn to the talking instead.”
She flipped through the crisp paper in her bound paper booklet towards the end and held it up for all to see.
“Madelyn wrote this- she wrote this just a few days before her accident. I think she would like you to hear her words, the words she never got to say.” With that she set back down the papers and started with a shaky breath.
“I have often in the past found myself wondering why. Why is this happening, why am I different, why will I break my mothers heart, my fathers heart, my brothers heart (oh god Micky is going to be hurt the most!), why why why!!! Why go why am I like this? Why… but I just can’t anymore.
“Because I don’t find myself wondering that as often now. I don’t find myself crying as often. I still feel sorrow for what it will do to others, but now I know I can handle. I can deal. I can stand against the hate and disappointment. Because despite it all I am loved.
“Despite it all someone loves me more the life itself… and I cant repay them. I can’t make myself tell the truth. And now that is what rips me up inside. That breaks my heart over and over again and it’s killing. Oh god is it killing me. Lies are poison and its eating me whole and allowing it to consume the only person I love. I can’t let that happen… I can’t lose Rae
“She threw Micky’s class ring at me today. Screaming and cry. Telling me she hated it, caring a lie, living a lie. She wanted to come clean. To tell the world, to stop hiding. God she loves me so much and I can’t giver her that. I can’t give her the truth. It rips and burns and kills as swiftly as the lies, the hiding of truth. Lies are just the poison but oh the hiding is what lets it in.
“We leave soon. We’ll leave this community, this cage that has suppressed us with expectations. And I just want to see her laugh with earnest again. I wanna see her smile again. I want to whisper to her at night with out fear. And we can, in another shadow. In college. And Rae doesn’t want just college.
“Kal doesn’t understand why we hide it still. And I can’t find excuses anymore. Because I lied to Rae… I can’t give her what she wants and deserves…
“She wants family and life….
“She wants me and the truth…
“I think it’s the least I can do for her. I’m going to take the antidote to this sickness finally, and let it out. The Truth. I love Rae…”
Those words rang through the room as Raewyn closed her papers. And looked at the crowd in her tear-laden eyes, her lover lost eyes.
“That’s the Madelyn you never knew, because she never got the chance. That’s the Madelyn you never got to love like I did because she was so afraid. And that’s the Madelyn I now most go on without. There isn’t much I can tell you that you don’t know, but what I do know, will change everything. I’m just sorry you never got to know my Madelyn. I’m sorry you never got to know me either. I wish I could call this home and family but its not. Its not, so good-bye”
Then she left. She walked down from the podium leaving us in shocked silence. She handed the papers to the Owens, and Michael his ring and walked out the door. She got in her car and drove off. And never came back.
She never came to see her family. She never came back, not even for her parent’s funerals. They said she felt she wasn’t welcome there. She never had another girlfriend, or lover, or partner that lasted more than a few months. She never had a family again.
And the Owens to this day still call her a filthy liar slandering their daughters good name. And they still hate her for who she is. The girl who only wanted love and truth, and lost her love in the lake, and her truth to cold strangers outside it.



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