Lost Works and How I'm Handling It...
Sunday, November 18, 2007

Okay, so, i read about the possible RePost Mondays and, honestly, i could do that, but i felt all happy and warmed when i first posted and now...well, i'd like to give other folks all the space they need to re-post. Only two of my storylines went missing in the Giant BSR Hack of 2007, and so here's what i'm offering: if you find you enjoy my writing and you want to know if you've read them all, feel free to private message me (see over there? on the left? big white box in which you can type?) and i'll send you - free of charge! - a pdf file of the two stories: "A Little Slink In It..." and "Tired of Waiting" together in one, easy-to-read fun file! Yay! "A Little Slink..." involves Zoƫ in a slinky dress and a job going south (6 parts) and "Tired of Waiting" involves paint, Serenity , a Shepherd, Companion, doctor and genius... (one part)

More new posts will show up (as i get the inspiration), but these will be put into super-exclusive retirement-like status.

This is how i decided to deal...my apologies if this doesn't fit into your ideal dealings.

As ever and always,



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