Sunday, November 18, 2007

Last blog entry was outdated. Hooray for things getting fixed!

"Go Haken, go Haken, it's your website, it's your website!"

Sister's in town with her spouse in tow. We're dog sitting right now. They went out last night to a party for some friends at *other* sister's last night and realized that they didn't want to do rock paper scissors over being DD.
I offered to watch the poochies while they camped out. They should be back sometime this morning. (coffee's ready and painkillers and water will be out and waiting. Ah to be young and hungover again!) They are very good dogs and son's loving them to bits.
Now I just have to decide whether to feed them the last of the food in the bag, or spoil them with people food and make sure they've got dinner tonight...
"But you *said* they could have people food as long as it didn't come off my plate.."

Cabbage soup? Nah, they aren't leaving until tomorrow.

Happy to hear BEB is alive and well, if a tad busy. Any fic writers missing their cheerleading section will be happy to hear that he does intend to pop in again some day. Our egos suffer, but he thrives.

It's well and truly snowing here now. We get a break for a few days, but once again we need to find a plow guy/gal. The one that did it here last year has not returned our call yet. We do have the lawn tractor with plow, weights, and chains, but where to keep it and how to get the snow moved anywhere is a much trickier question.
That guy doesn't call back we may not have much choice 'cause I ain't a-shovellin' the driveway by hand. Too long. Waaay too long when you get widowmaker snow and you have to get to work. Getting up two hours early every day in February to shovel is not on my list of "fun things to do this winter".

I know, I have no sense of adventure.

Work continues busy, and I can see more responsibilities and projects coming my way. We just started a 40 hour work week instead of 37.5, and It doesn't really feel that much different. Hopefully the paycheck will.
We've still got one nurse out on disability (we still don't know if she's coming back or not), another who really really *needs* to be but she insists she can't afford it, and cranky people who need vacations. I think I maybe kinda fall under that last category too some (many? lotsa?) days.
Everybody keeps telling me I look like I'm losing weight. Scales do not agree. Perhaps I'm just getting "worn thin"?


Monday, November 19, 2007 2:36 PM


I chickened out and gave them the dog food. Then they weren't interested so they got a smidgen of cheese and some cheesy scrambled eggs each. (Just a taste to whet their appetites... it did not work.)They decided I was their new bestest friend.

Monday, November 19, 2007 5:25 AM


Your scales are lying...mine do that sometimes too:)
HUGS and I'm glad you had doggie company... I say go for the human food.


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