A Day at the Races Pt 1
Thursday, November 15, 2007


Twelve horses moving at pace will raise a helluva noise – and the horses being watched by Malcolm Reynolds were being raced to their limits.
He turned away for a moment from the dusty track, past the crowds of spectators – the sun dancing off their sashes, brooches, pins and medals, finery - and let his eyes roam the sweep of the green plains beyond the fences. Could grass have ‘weft?’ he wondered, same as carpet?
He admired the graceful slope up to the mansion house – gleaming white aways off and real palatial. His nostrils inhaled the early morning aroma of lawn, dew, tree and animal.
“Fragrant.” He said.
“Yes,” agreed the woman coming up beside him, “it’s been quite some time since any of us could use that word.”
“Saving yourself surely.” Captain Reynolds flashed a quick smile.
Inara nodded, flattered and infuriated. “Thank you Mal, charming as sometimes.”
Mal grinned more wickedly this time – but now Inara was gazing across the broad field and over at the horses. “A man could get used to this…” She murmured.
“Really?” Reynolds feigned ignorance – and poorly. “Seems a load to manage if y’ask me – what with the horses, the racing, the big house on the hill – upkeep alone must cost a great deal of coin…”
“Still, I won’t pretend to be churlish when it comes to restful chances for my crew. I’m glad of ‘em.”
“I’m sure they are too,” – was that a twinkle in the Serra eyes? – “I thought River would explode when she got to cartwheel on real grass.”
Mal looked at Inara, meeting those dark eyes with his own – but swift.
“Yeah – aint she the strangest mix of girl parts though?”
Inara’s eyebrow arched as she said, “I thought she was just a child to you Mal” - and Reynold’s hand flashed up a warning sign.
“Now don’t be misinterpreting me – I just meant the child and the adult all blended awry.”
Doctor Simon Tam had been strolling up to the pair and overheard the last. “Blended awry Captain? That’s a real – that’s an interesting way of describing the Alliance treatment of my sister.”
Mal shrugged that off. “And she would be whereabouts now?”
Simon smiled. “River is with Zoe, watching the race – I am on my way to them now.”
“Oh really?” Mal pretended not to hear Inara’s open sigh - Merciful Budha, how she hated these testosterone tossing competitions. “And Kaylee?”
Simon was momentarily discomfited. “I don’t – I mean I guess, maybe she’s…”
“Stables.” All three answered with the same breath – and this time the laughter was genuine.
“If you’ll excuse me,” Inara motioned with a sway of her head.
“Oh. Of course.” Damn if Simon didn’t near click his heel together at the woman. Mal kept his tongue in his mouth for once – smiled at Inara till her lithe form was some distance walked. Then he pounced. “Nice boots.” He gestured with his eyes. Simon was, point of fact, clad in a long pair of slick black knee breaches. Perfect for a stroll round the homestead. “You pack them on an off chance?”
The Doctor was lost for words.

“MOVE YER BLEEDIN ARSE!” River Tam’s angry yelp rose clear of the subdued stalls around her. Subdued for an instant only before there was an irate chorus of angry shushes and tuts. River answered with a poke of the tongue.
Zoe kept quiet – but her grip on the Tam girl was iron, pulling her down back into her seat. She gazed calmly at the fine horses making their fifth turn on the track – and the red in the way of her eyes cleared quickly.

It came back.

A small eager featured man was pushing his way between them. One hand flicking at the slicked thin hair on his fist shaped head, the other proffering a hat in some sort of greeting.
“I knoo you fer a lady the minute I clapped my peepers on yer!” Badger was actually beaming.
As Zoe recoiled, River Tam turned – her face wore a broad theatrical dame’s displeasure.
“Smelt yer comin’ aways off Badger. Now yer ‘ere. Aint that grand.” Her cockney accent was equally stagey.
Badger was still beaming – but he found his attempt to scuttle forward blocked by the wall of Zoe’s hand.
“Speak your piece, Badger. You got business here with us?”
Now it was Badger’s turn to be theatrical – a flick of the hat and the hands seeming to test the breeze, the eyes darting about anywhere’s but at the women looking at him, then. “Business and pleasure surely Ladies. Well business IS a pleasure I should say… and you can take that gorram look off your face Mrs.”
Zoe had got through to him finally, but then her eyes could burn through a vault - or so her husband often clamed.
Badger did his best to look fierce under the onslaught.
“My business might just mean a nice little earning opportunity for you tykes. Where’s Reynolds?


End of pt 1

see ya next week hopefully!

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Friday, November 16, 2007 5:28 AM


:) Cool...nice intro

Thursday, November 15, 2007 1:56 AM


Now, for some reason, that title just makes me think 'Marx Brothers'...but of course, as we know, there is no sanity clause. Particularly with River about :)


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