Lockjaw conclusion summary
Thursday, November 8, 2007

It will be a while till i stick my amateur oar back in the BSR - for any wondering about LockJaw's conclusion:
Here’s what woulda happened:

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1. River would’ve picked up the dying hunters thoughts – and established the link between him and the reaver boy. [they’re brothers]

2. The moon would have started pumping air out having sealed itself.

3. The crew would’ve tried to escape to Serenity – more air.

4. Kaylee would’ve figured that it was a security protocol.

5. Mal would’ve figured Mr Universe's LoveBot(TM), Lenore, to be the key.

6. They would have plugged her in – and sussed the password PAIN as in Paean … after the poem Lenore by Poe.

7. Jayne (cured by Simon) would’ve got over his fear and helped lead Simon and the Reaver to safety.

8. River would’ve talked to the Reaver as its bro.

9. Simon would’ve taken the Reaver to the ‘underground’ – also promising to fix the wave monitoring. (As in About Face)

10. Inara would leave – taking Mal who wants to find and bury the person he shot on Haven – shot clear out of anger (going with wrath) – and that he worries may have been a boy/youth. "I don't murder children"... but maybe he did.

11. Zoe would be internally upset by Mal (as usual) dwelling on himself and not Wash’s death – (it would become clear that though the Hunter viewed zoe as weakened having 'lost her mate' this is far from the case... "Yes Wash was my husband... my FIRST." Her career military mother married more than once.) but they would have had a meaningful dialogue pointing to Mal’s desire to recognise his new self (again leading to About Face) – and his need for a shirt!:)

12. Zoe and Kaylee are left on Serenity (the true home)… but the family seems more scattered than ever.


zoe "Not sure I know you too well these days Captain, Sir."
mal "Not sure I know myself... but i can find my pants in the dark - and that's a start right?"*

* he never takes em off remember?

here's a fun bit of Simon and Kaylee:

Down to the Wire.

Kaylee remembered the bite of airlessness only too well – when Serenity had been drifting in space with her air gone – it had… hurt –and there had been no quickness to the hurting either – it had been slow – it had been…

But the crew had been together – that time… now, well it was like Mr Universe had said – this place’d seemed to gobble them right up.

And this time – hell, go-se on ‘this time’ – and on the gloating face of Mr Universe too! Chur ni-duh! She knew a basic security protocol when she saw one – could scream at herself for having triggered it – as she musta – musta been her – wiring up the screens an all – to find the Reaver, so Simon could see, maybe, River.

And no security protocol was gonna get the better of her now – an override is an override is an override - a good mantra. Every protocol got one Kaylee - you just need to bury yourself even deeper in wire and plastic and metal –

And so she did.


Simon Tam busied himself to prevent his mind calculating cubic air capacity – lung capacity – heat as energy wastage and the other bio-variables that would lead to a rapid death.

He concentrated instead on thinking on the base – the sprawling luna complex he was trapped in – like a blood clot in a dying man’s veins.

Gah! Even he wondered at times if he had been around his sister too long – ok, ok, so not a blood clot - but the Luna body WAS dying – and he, where was he? Actually pretty much in a vein – leading out from the belly of the base – where he had left the Captain – before all the confusion – the sliding panels, the seals, the heat and the no air. So not a GOOD vein… what he needed was another way – what he needed was –
“nerves”. He said it aloud.

Twisting around the confined space – and peering through the unhelpful greenish murk – until he found – until he would find – until –YES! A panel – a small panel, hot to the touch now but one that he could prize open with tense fingers clawing at the edges. Inside the mess of wires made the pipe-way seem impossibly constrained but he began to push his way in - squeezing himself between the knots and clusters of warm tubing – injecting himself into the system. Travelling up the nerve.

The sweat pouring from him might actually help – provided it didn’t electrocute him first.

fun for me that is M'wha ha ha!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007 7:34 PM


Awesome. Just...awesome. Just reading through that list was like watching Serenity on fast-forward. You just don't do it...but if you do, it's still beautiful.

Great thoughts...I hope you do the thing where you pitch in a fic now and again, just to keep us happy. You're very good at that.


Thursday, November 8, 2007 7:25 PM


You're SO mean! :)


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