Con-version 2004: Day 1
Saturday, August 7, 2004

Okay, so Con-version ain't exactly something big like Comic-Con, but I actually got to meet some other Browncoats so I think it's damn shiny. I didn't spend the whole day there, I was solely interested in the Firefly Shindig, but it was well worth the $32 I paid for the weekend.

So the day started off at 7:30 in the morning as I had to catch the train to the downtown. When I finally got to the hotel at 9:30, registration wasn't set up so I was late for my first session. Not that it matter since it wasn't any good... After lunch I was off to IFWA's (don't ask me what it stands for since I don't know) Once More With Feeling thing. I think the best way to describe it is a sing along. They handed out the lyrics to people, not that many joined in. IFWA's people sung the characters' parts and they had a band to play the music. For people who aren't professional singers, it wasn't half bad; they probably sounded better than me. My only gripe with the performance was the lady who was doing the narrating between songs. She kept pronouncing Anya's name wrong. En-ya rather than Ahn-ya. Yes, that's rather picky of me but she should be thankful she didn't mispronounce Giles. I would have decked her...

So I got lazy after the Buffy Musical and went home to eat. My friend and I headed back to Con-version around 8:00 pm. The Firefly Shindig was definitely the highlight of my night. I didn't think that there were other Browncoats in the city but I was proven wrong when I got inside the room. There weren't that many of us, but there were plenty more people than I expected. I even got to meet Saint Jayne from our very own posting board.

The night was basically a big DVD fest. Got through Jaynestown and Our Mrs. Renyolds before the hotel staff kicked us out of the room. But it was great before that. When The Hero of Canton started to play, everyone was singing along, even if they didn't know the lyrics. Of course, we all sang along to the theme song. It was so great seeing our Big Damn Heroes on a slightly larger screen; it was almost like I was watching the movie. How many days left until April?

There was also a raffle with a bunch of prizes, including a couple of signed photos from cast members, DVD sets, and a custom Mal figurine. I curse you Saint Jayne for winning Summer. At least an autographed picture of her anyway. Of course, I shouldn't be one to complain since I won the trivia contest. Was apparently the only one who got all of the questions right and won a parasol for my brain knowledge. Doesn't look like Kaylee's but I'm probably still bringing it to the BDM. It was all for a good cause anyway. Plus I swiped a handful of Blue Sun stickers and a Firefly golf tee that they were handing out.

So that was my wanna-be Comic-Con day. I may have even gotten a photo for the official movie board's Comic-Con challenge so here's to a possible 500 points. Tomorrow's the last day of Con-version and the Firefly discussion panel. More on that later.


Tuesday, August 10, 2004 11:05 AM


Mmmmm. Summer Glau...


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