Writer's strike? *sob*
Monday, November 5, 2007

So the writers have gone on strike today....

While I fully support their cause (because really, when *hasn't* an artist gotten screwed over by businessmen?) I am very disappointed by this news. I don't claim to be a "media snob", but I'm so busy that unless a television show is making a decent effort - with intelligent, engrossing scripts, high production values, and actual actors - I just don't see why I should give them my time. Plus, reality shows are half-assed get-rich-quick schemes that exploit the cruelest elements of human nature to pander to the stupidest of morons...

I'm especially saddened because television has finally been seeing an upswing in creative programming after eight crap years of "Survivor" and "CSINYPDSUV" knockoffs, and these great new shows will probably be the first to go after the late night dailies. "Mad Men", "My Name is Earl", "Lost", "Heroes", "Pushing Daisies" - I will be SO pissed if these get backburnered for more glorified "talent" shows!

Obviously there's nothing the little people can do about resolving this dispute, but I do hope the studios come to their senses quickly and give the true creators of television - and their loving audience - what they need and deserve.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007 3:15 AM


I heartell that some shows stockpile their scripts in advance, and have scripts for the next year or so. It would take a long periood of time before these strikes have a big impact on the industry..

Talk shows (Such as Leno and O'Brien) have been hit hard though. They rely on daily scripts.

I think I recall hearing that actors will want to have the same rights as writers as well. Not sure of I picked that up correctly though.

Monday, November 5, 2007 8:38 PM


The sad thing is that the networks could benefit from this. By not having to pay writers for reality show crap their profits would increase. Their only concern is return on investment. Reality shows and game shows cost very little compared to other programming.


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