Yes, this is ANOTHER teaser!
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big damn shiny thanks to everybody who commented on the first one!!

No, really, I'm very deeply moved. [/Simon]

So, them as wanted to see more, here ya go! The Old That Is Strong, Book III: Love and War brings us this one. *shambles off to see if beta replied yet*


The calculated tumult of River's defense stymied and quailed her attackers: they could not know of the emotional typhoon that pushed her frenzy to its limits. Yet her every move was like a precision timepiece in its execution, as if carefully planned, boarded and carried out according to her own design. It was fast becoming apparent to those pressing on the attack that her resistance would see no let-up until every one of them was dead, dying or on the run. With grim determination they pressed on with their assault nevertheless: one, a hilted blade protruding between his balled fingers, took a swing at River's eye, but she ducked the swing and landed a debilitating punch in his kidney. Twisting his body, flinging it out of the way, she head-butted the hood approaching her head-on and hoping to surprise her from behind his crony's crumpling form, but it was not to be. River sent him tumbling flat on his back, struck out with her right fist and caught the stomach of the man whose lip she'd already bloodied, taking him out of the fray by uppercutting squarely into his nose and distorting his vision.

Only a handful now were in any condition to walk, let alone fight. Distressed and adrenaline-fueled as she was, River showed no ill effects – in fact, her speed and agility only increased with each passing attack. She could read the fear and confusion of over a half-dozen ruffians beaten senseless by a single girl, but such a brutally self-descriptive term gave rise to a raging impulse to scream aloud. She fought the urge down, channelling it instead to her madly flailing limbs, none of which so much as twitched without slamming into a skull, a stomach, or other key point of incapacitation. Almost involuntarily one leg swung upward and buried itself in another stomach, doubling the hood over, but it was not the leg's moment to tarry. With lightning speed River shifted balance onto it, backlashed with her other foot and crushed the larynx of the one making to grab her from behind. She completed the move with a split-second handspring that drove both her fists into the lungs of the man she had doubled over, knocking the wind out of him. She returned upright just in time to spot two newcomers dead ahead – she had yet to belt either of them, but their intentions were no different from the rest.

Launching herself airborne, she lashed out with both legs, her boot soles making audible contact with the skulls of the two men before her. They dropped to either side like bowling pins, but behind them a dread of a sight caught River's eye, a split second before she delivered a roundhouse kick to another hood approaching her from behind. As she faced forward again she beheld the evilly grinning face of Grant Hollis, approaching the fray at an almost leisurely pace, as if he was out for a Sunday stroll.

Physically, his intentions were indiscernible: he was making no move to attack her. But as River connected with him an abhorrence of his purpose flooded her mind. She bolted toward him, fist balling, sights set on his throat – despite the horrifying knowledge that she was too late. Hollis's grin widened, but was far outclassed by the evil that spouted from his opening mouth.

"Eta kooram na smech!"


Wednesday, October 24, 2007 4:09 PM


Keep teasing like this and violence will ensue!!!! More? :)


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