A year in the Black
Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It has been a year since I shipped out and left the cold nothern Vermont 'moon' and found a new Home world down in PA to settle on. Glad to say it was a busy year with making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, and getting a new job.

Lots of Serenity/Firefly items found their way into my cargo bay- The sheet music book from Firelfy, Firefly companion volume 2 and Serenity special edition DVD. I still want the BDC cookbook, Serenity found essay collection, Bedlam Bard CD and the soundtrack from Done the Impossible.

Have a lot of wants I know- but I have to work before I play and things like rent, groceries and crompression coils ain't cheap, most of my cashy money gets spent just to keep flyin. But for now life is going okay.

I have the Browncoats to share the 'Verse with as well as fanfiction to keep my creativity alive and certain BDHs to keep my shiny and happy. They let me tag along on their exploits. For instance the other night after I returned to the 'Rim' after my job in 'Core' there they were. So I boarded Sernity and we were on our way to Greenleaf. Then there was an explosion that knocked out our cadalizer and we were running out of air and warmth. Mal sent us all out in the shuttles while he was to stay with Sereniy. Zoe was injured and unconscious. We thought it might be the end- especially for Mal. When we turned back around we found him passed out,shot and bleeding on the bridge. All is well now. I reluctantly had to return to reality.(and the DVD main menu)

So now as I make my way through the work day I am heartened by the thought taht Mal, Kaylee, Inara, Zoe, Wash, Simon, River, Jayne and Book are never far away. That they will always be there when I need them.

My fellow Browncoats keep my spirits up and my hopes as we gab on about a sequel and we all keep holding till Mal gets back.



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