Shutting down my jewelry shop for the holidays
Monday, October 15, 2007

Hi everyone!

Well, it's been a crazy year. I want to thank you all very sincerely for your support and for your patience this year. I had a lot going on it "real life" and it made my ship times suffer often, and on top of that the postal service has taken to losing a lot of my orders. So thanks to everyone who put up with waiting weeks for a necklace, or had to wait while I shipped a replacement for something that got lost.

I added a number of items to my shop recently, and may yet get a few more on there this year. I've changed a little in how I do things in an effort to get my shipping back on track. In the past, if I planned to sell multiples of any one item, I'd make the first one, photograph it, sell it, and then as more were ordered I'd make them up on the spot for the person who ordered them. That gets tricky when you end up with no time, or being sick, or out of town, and you need to make ten necklaces to fill your orders! So, I'm switching over to more of a tendancy of only listing items I actually have made, or in the case of a few designs, know I will have time to make when they are ordered. It means less stock in my shop sometimes, but faster filling when you place an order.

Okay, on to the really important thing. You know the Christmas season, where every seller of anything in the world starts pandering for sales like crazy? Yeah, I'm shutting my shop down for it. The reason is this. I'm going to Serenity LA at the end of this month, and then a few weeks later heading out for the Browncoat Cruise. It's going to be a blast, but I remember last year......when I got home from Burbank (B3/Flangate) and had a ton of holiday orders piled up. In order to get them to people for the holiday, I had to work day and night for a bit and blow much of my "profits" on Priority Mail shipping to make sure they got there on time. Not looking to repeat that! By the time I get back from the cruise it's going to be too late to send much out for Christmas. And also in that time period, I have to start doing inventory which is a pain in the neck when you have thousands of little tiny objects to count! It about killed me last year.

Before heading to Serenity LA I need to leave myself time to fill all outstanding orders, then I'm closing my shop while I'm gone. I'm also taking a bunch of my stock with me to sell at Serenity LA and the cruise, and before I start selling again I'll have to go through and update my shop with what I do and don't have available. There is a slight chance I might open up for a bit between Serenity LA and the cruise; if I do I'll send out another newsletter letting you guys know.

So.....if you're at the cruise or Serenity LA, track me down! I'd love to meet you. Everyone else, If you've had your eye on Christmas/Insert Holiday Here shopping, now's the time! Like, in the next week. I'm really sorry to do this to everyone, but it's better than letting you down when it comes to getting your gifts delivered. I do have all my shiny Christmas packaging stuff (well, some of it....and a really huge box of stuff set to arrive this week) so I can do the whole giftish packaging thing on your orders.

Hah. And now I can boast about being the seller who closed her doors for the holiday season! But that's not why I'm doing it, honest. Still, in about, oh, a week when all the stores bust out the tinsel and the neeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ending Christmas elevator music, I'll be cackling inside. Mine is an eeevil (and slightly grinch-like?) laugh. :D

Happy cons, holidays, and keep her in the air. I'll see a bunch of you soon.



Tuesday, October 16, 2007 3:53 AM


Oooh, that's too bad that you have to close shop this time of year. Many places make a HUGE chunk of their profits this time of year, that's why the tinsel and sales are such a big deal. Perhaps you need an evil henchman to go with that laugh. LOL! If I lived around you, I would gladly help... With pay, 'cause I'm broke like certain BDHs! ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 2:30 AM


soon is too long a time:)
hope it works out - and you have some gorram fun!


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