On The Shelf...
Friday, October 12, 2007

“And you don’t think it’s strange you feel this way?”
As often, Simon Tam’s words, mouth and eyes were aimed in three separate directions – even as his hands poked through the objects in front of him.
“I’m just sayin’ is all…” the girl next to him pouted. “We got a good place to take our ease, rest up and tend to our – be tender to our… selves. Aint like we don’t deserve a little.” The young eyes flashed. “An’ I know we all been through the bad and back – tyen-shuh – but that was yesterday, to my way of thinking… don’t see why the Capt’n has to get so uppity – again. Thought he was startin’ to cheer up some but – it’s drivin’ ev’ryone away… y’know?”
Kaylee Frye had been swinging her legs idly from the empty shelf on which she was sat, in the debris-strewn room, but now jumped down to playfully muss the good Doctor’s hair.
Simon Tam sighed. “Well, the Captain… he’s not the average sort of… he can be difficult – he’ll come around.”
“An’ you’re stickin’ up for him – an’ he was all for dumping you on some pi-gu outpost in the middle of… out there… an’ – now you have to… live in a cupboard!”
Simon laughed at that – looking at her finally, the medic in him noting the dilation of her pupils, the subtle increase in respiration. “I’m taking stock, ordering things. Actually it’s quite interesting.” He opened the zip on a worn holdall as he spoke and scattered the contents.
“I dunno,” said Kaylee, “seems kinda nosey to me. Hey – what’s that?”
Simon had picked up a small box of discs. “Just movies I think – the tech on this is… I think they’re antique maybe.”
“Movies?” Kaylee remembered Mr Universe’s fondness for ‘a bit of the old ultra-violence’ – p’raps combing through his old things weren’t such a - “What kind?”
Simon began to read out the titles. “Bruce Lee – Game of Death part…” he stopped, his eyes catching something – an ID tag with holograph. He looked at it for a moment.
“You know her?” Kaylee could see the ID image and it made her a deal curious - a girl, red headed like herself. She read the name: Luka DeVorres.
“No, no – but I think Mr Universe must have.”
“She’s pretty…”
Simon put the ID down carefully. “Then I definitely don’t know her.”
He turned and looked Kaylee in the eye again. She smiled. “Hey that’s nice - never imagined Mr Universe as havin’ a friend…. I’m glad he did.” Her smile faltered. Mr Universe was dead of course, like Wash, like Shepherd Book. She shook her head. “Aint there nuthin fun here? Y’know – a good movie, we could relax, have a smoke… when was the last time you relaxed Simon?”
He raised a knowing eyebrow in reply and Kaylee chuckled appreciatively, leaning back now against the wide empty bunk-like shelf.

…………………………………………………… LockJaw - http://www.fireflyfans.net/bluesun.aspx?bid=18206&nid=25795


Monday, October 15, 2007 7:05 AM


Oh, I just have to comment on that pic of Sean. Sooooooo hot. From 'the Dive fromn Clauson's Pier', right?

Saturday, October 13, 2007 3:46 PM


Kaylees such a shiny enticing girl, who could resist? Loved the last line..


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