Comeuppance: Afterword
Monday, September 17, 2007

Hey all.

Having read the responses that you’ve been kind enough to post and comments from others who had read it in the story’s infancy, I felt a little compelled to write a response of my own. I promise I won’t soapbox too much.

The first thing people said when I told them about this is “Why those two?” sayings like “never see it being realistic” were thrown about, and from those of you that know me, them’s fightin’ words. So I did just that. Went down that avenue. The scenario, the gunslinger and the concubine, is about as old as Zane Grey Westerns. While I will admit it took a little work, and their personalities aren’t what you’d call compatible, they are in one sense perfect for each other. They are both outside the social mores, at least to our eyes, so there’s no “I’m better than you are” mentality going on. Inara’s profession does give her social status, but despite that she’s often looked down upon, Atherton Wing’s treatment of her is a prime example.
Jayne couldn’t care less about society or it’s laws, as long as they don’t infringe on him.
His initial reaction to the Mudders worship of him is first unnerving, then he completely gives in to hero worship, and then when Stitch reveals the sham, he’s ashamed. But what the rest of the ‘Verse thinks? Who gives a rat’s ass….

So there is no moral high ground for either one of them to stand on. Inara only tells Jayne to behave so his cover won’t be blown, not because she believes him inferior.

But why would Jayne love Inara? What lengths would he go through to either fulfill that desire, or suppress it, or what would happen if she found out?

Worthier Questions.

Most people think they choose who they love.

They couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve talked with more people than I could readily admit and asked them about what made them choose that person to love, to spend the rest of their lives with and only three came up with an answer. People choose who to have a relationship with, sure, but sometime’s who you love can hit you right smack in the middle of other things…and those things might be an angry Captain…..

And writing other pairings? Mal/Inara shippers? You have way too easy a job…
Same goes for Simon/Kaylee pairings….I wrote one of those too but it’ll never see the light of day…as it’ll never work now….but I digress…

Also, why if this is the girl Mal loves does he keep treating her like crap?

Inara: You lay a man out for implying I’m a whore, but you keep calling me one to my face…’Shindig’
He acts all possessive of her, but calls her a whore. He defends her honor, but calls her a whore. Strange behavior from a guy who loves a girl. To cap it off, he sleeps with her friend…..yeah, way to go there, killer….

Oh, and the idea that Mal and Jayne fighting about her….making the situation ‘ugly’

When, oh when, have two big grown men with guns and fists and the ability and willingness to use ‘em both to get what they want in life ever sat down and discussed “You slept with my girl even though she ain’t my girl and I call her a whore all the time” over tea and dumplings?


Still waiting…anyone?

I’m not ranting about this, though it may appear that way, but I just want to make a point.
I had said that writer’s write what they know. This is a truism in most cases. I have a pair of cousins on the Jersey side of my family famous in three counties for extending a fistfight over a girl they both dated in the 90’s…… to this day we don’t invite both of them to the family reunion picnic. They look at each other, say “Denise” to each other, and there goes the potato salad…and everything else…my point is they would have fought over her. This has been going on since the Stone Age, people.
Anyone not expecting these two not to fight over her is naïve at best. Mal and Jayne? Discuss? Who are we kidding?

Myself, being a supporter of the idea that there’s more to the merc than meets the eye, figures he owes Mal a knockout since Mal sucker-wrenched him in ‘Ariel’. He may have deserved it, maybe not, but they couldn’t have discussed that?
But enough carping……

The nature of love is that it changes you. Makes you do things you would never even have thought of doing. People act uncharacteristically, even to the point of risking it all for that one shot ay happiness, real or not. But it does happen. And also, there were, sadly only 14 episodes, gang. Who knows what could have happened in a second season?

And in love the chance you take can have good results or downright disastrous ones…

It was with this in mind that I wrote this. Yeah, an ode to love.

Another motivation was that this verse is filled with some many dark little corners.
Corners that say, “C’mere, man, check me out.” I mean it’s Joss Whedon, kids, of course there’s gonna be dark little corners. And in my case, one of those dark little corners has Jayne’s dark little secret heart in it. The one that says he loves Inara.

I really liked that corner. Gonna play there again one day. Who knows? Or I’ll go too far and wake up at a Firefly Con and find a lynch mob outside my hotel….lol.
Couple of inspirations. Shakespeare…(yeah, he reads, too!)Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator’ 50’s pulp westerns, The idea that love might conquer all but the loser really gets fucked, and at least the chorus from the song “Unforgiven II” by Metallica. (Honest to god, listen to that song, think about this fic, and the damn thing almost writes itself.)

And a big heap of thanks to the girls that beta’d it, your help is so appreciated words can’t express it (I would use the words ‘Lobster Dinner’ but two of you don’t “do fish”)

Like I said, I like those dark corners. Gonna stay there a while, maybe build a house. Work out a few other ideas that you either love or hate. If offends some, so be it, but I promise to try and not be boring at the least.

To all the readers and lovers of this ‘Verse, I dedicate this. You make it fly.

Peace to all. Keep flyin’



Thursday, September 20, 2007 12:43 PM


Way to go BBJ! No retreat, No surrender! That is exactly what fanfic is for --freedom to explore all sorts of possibilities and let the verse be the judge. As a reader, i truly appreciate all you shiny writers who have the desire and talent to keep Serenity flying for the rest of us. Thank you. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 12:45 PM


Excellent... well put BigBadJayne. I agree wholeheartedly with your point of view.

Though I might have just simply said "It's called 'ARTISTIC LICENSE' people... hello?", and be done with it.

But your version was much more eloquent, and much less angry.

Writing fanfic... writing anything, is HARD work. Constructive critism is great, but when people tear you down, or even flame you, simply because they don't think you vision of FICTION is realistic enough... well that's just plain rude. I'm not saying "If ya ain't got anything nice to say, keep yer mouth shut"... just saying keep the comments constructive, and realize that an author writes for himself first, and the reader second.

Keep up the good work, BBJ.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 5:12 AM


>figures he owes Mal a knockout since Mal sucker-wrenched him in ‘Ariel’. He may have deserved it, maybe not, but they couldn’t have discussed that?

Mal is still the Captain and as such he needs to be heavy handed (because that's what Jayne understands best - violence) with Jayne so he doesn't betray them again. You don't think Jayne deserved what little he got for betraying two people? He got off easy.

>And a big heap of thanks to the girls that beta’d it, your help is so appreciated words can’t express it (I would use the words ‘Lobster Dinner’ but two of you don’t “do fish”)

No fish for me! Ick! Wifey doesn't do fish either? Hah, I knew I liked her for a reason! LOL!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 5:00 AM


I'm not much of a Jayne/Inara shipper, but Mal needs some healthy competetion for Inara' affections (not a client) and beyond her position. I think in time we may have seen a scenario like what you wrote, maybe not Jayne, but another "lover" suitor. Mal needs to pull his head out and realize calling the woman you love schoolyard names is immature and destructive. It makes them want to leave, dumbshit. So, I think what you wrote was fine. It is "FanFiction" and it works in this verse.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 4:13 AM


See I think Jayne would be great for Inara.


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