Sunday, September 16, 2007

It’s pretty. The road, all long and stretchey - we got the blue sky, little feathery clouds. Sunset coming. Cute.
Yep. This is me – driving. Down Mexico way…
There’s a song in that doncha think?
Or a movie could be – d’you like movies?
Sometimes I wonder if the only reason we’re heading to Mexico, right now, is 'cuz we’ve seen From Dusk Til Dawn too many times …
I told her, “Sweetie, it’s not real – and why’d you really wanna – I mean, the Titty Twister? Eeww.”
She’s laughing. “Aint nuthin’ wrong with a little titty twistin.”
Hands on hips – full of the bad swagger and the – kinda – yeh, macho.
“For a high class lady – you can, well, you can be a little crude.” I tell her.
But…you hear that? That’s my mother’s voice…
Someone said we all turn into our parents eventually – little scary that huh?
Anyhow – she just laughs when I call her macho… says I get annoyed coz I wanna be the one wearing the Fried Green Travelling Pants in this relationship.
She could be right.

Oh! Sorry – who? As in She, who? Well she, see, there – all curled and warm and sleepin’ in the back - that’s my girl. Yes indeed. Never fail to get a kick outta that – people asking, “who’s that girl?” and me all with the macho now going, “She’s with me.”
Yeah, you could say that… We get some looks – also – with the travelling – yep, the much travelling – lookit me Ma, travelling now… used to have friends – used to be in a gang – like, a gang? No… well, yeh – kinda… back in the day – called ourselves The Scoobies… we’re more kinda Whacky Races now…
It’s true. It’s a joke – but it’s true.
Not my voice though, also. Not MY joke.
A friend of mine he made it first, but still, true. Well, maybe true – ish.
Me and my Grrl? I think we’re more BatFink and Karate…
And ok, where was I – yeah, travelling… also, with the travelling? - I’m pretty sure I’m the only woman who may have broken the Mann act. Heh heh.
Chuck Berry Rosenberg they call me.
But that’s me, I guess – breaking the ‘Man act’, all over.

Huh? Oh, y’know – on account of my Guardian training – and liking da ladeez – an’ all, and oh, yeah – Witch.
My, you’re just giddy with the questions aren’t ya?

Being a Guardian – well it’s a whole kind of female heritage thing… yeah, Heritage – as in History – History is pretty funky. We all got history fella.
My history comes along behind me now – I see my history on street corners – in coffee shops – in the rear view, in dreams. My history has a name and, and a face and – no, not the same as baggage, not the same thing. See my history and me – we had a history. Ok, so I’m not makin’ sense now? – Not to you, maybe – jeez, give a lonesome long road traveller Whacky Racer a break will ya? So, ok, slowing the car now – so ok, pulling up for a little.
So ok, resting now.

Hey – look a crow!
Huh? Oh – history… ‘s all history.
I can’t help it, I’ve always been the one with da knowledge.
Yep, even before I came over all Witch inclined - even before I started hanging with… librarians.
Yeah, so, I am pretty tired.
Oh, look – two crows. Maybe they’re friends. That’s nice.
Y’know Crows are sacred.
Hey – back off and let little Ms Bookenberg impart a little here.
Crows/Ravens – whatever. The Angels of Apollo, they were muses to poets. ‘Muses’ like Menses. It’s a Grrl thing. Oh – also – Norse myth – Crows would sorta fly up outta the underworld, bearing messages from the –


Sorry – I shouldn’t – I don’t – I never - you don’t catch me with a potty mouth. Mostly. Damn!
Dead. It’s a small word. Big things come in small…. Words. Maybe. Hell.
Hell, I LIKE small words, dammit. Like Peachy, like… I dunno, Keen? Ah, right right. Death says those words – not me. Yeh, I read too much.
Whaddya mean, ‘What’s with the death already’ – are you – kidding? You could try listening here! Death is my… history.

Yeah, like I said, bookstores, street corners, coffee shops and mirrors.
Dead. Small word.
Oh –‘k. You want cheery – C’mon Willow – do what you do and get with the cheery already. Ok. Words. Words... I got another one for ya.
You like that one? Nifty is the new – well it’s kinda old, actually… it’s more like a safety word. Well, no, actually safety is my safety word. Nifty means – it’s more than SAFE it’s… feeling… feeling the Earth, feeling my Sisters… feeling my – Way. History has a place in that, sure. One day – when I’m even more ‘growed up and big’ than I am now – that Way, that sisterhood, that Earth – will be something I am a Guardian of. That’s what I tell myself – that’s what I remember – when I don’t feel safe. When I feel… like now. When I need a little… light.

Light. - Another small word.
Witch. Girl. Got some small words there too.
Being a Witch – I know all about darkness. Believe me, been there done that, been down with the darkness, in with the black… like that crow, or maybe – raven, staring at me.
Ok. – But I have also seen… light. Felt it. And the light is Me, the Girl - all us Girls. Light.
…But still, I’m trying not to be, I tell myself not to be afraid of the darkness. I tell myself -

Darkness, is black and big and scary but – it just makes the light seem… brighter – y’know?

Wow. Did you HEAR that? Those words. That VOICE.
That was my baby.
That was – yep, so, ok, crying again already. That was HER – that was…

It’s a small word.

So is Tara.

So is Love.



Sunday, September 23, 2007 2:52 AM


Don't know if you quite got Willow's voice in this, but I liked it. Including the Gaiman nod.

Monday, September 17, 2007 7:51 PM


Loved the bit about the crows ;)

Monday, September 17, 2007 3:55 AM


ooooooooh very nice


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