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Monday, September 10, 2007

My hubby is in the Navy, he's a corpman, which is basically a med tech. Currently he isn't working the floor at the hospital, but is a supervisor, but occasionally things happen to scare me. Every month or so he has med-evac duty which means he hops in an ambulance bus, heads from Bethesda down to Andrews AFB and picks up kids from the planes coming from Germany. Most of the time these are kids (I say kids, because, most of them are young marines, soldiers, airmen) coming from Iraq, Afghanistan, etc and they are usually on life support. Now, Marines don't have med techs, a Navy corpman is assigned a unit of marines to serve as 'doc' to the marines. As a matter of fact my husband is on a list as an alternate to go to Kuwait in January. ANyhoo, so he goes on this med-evac run last week, they pick up the guys and start heading back to Bethesda. So, the husband is watching over a guy whose pelvis is shattered and he's got tubes everywhere. they are barreling thru downtown DC and this guy is trying to talk to my husband. My hubby tries to explain to the guy that he can't hear and understand him because of the sirens and the tubes. The guy keeps trying to get his point across and realization dawns on my husband. They trained together a little more than a year ago. This guy was sent out to OIF and my husband got the cushy hospital job! Back at the hospital my husband got the whole story from the guy's wife. Apparently, they were traveling and their convey was caught in a firefight and their truck was overturned. the guy directed his marines to pull out anyone left in the truck and then instructed these guys in triaging their friends, since he was unable with his shattered pelvis.

So, i get a little cranky when my husband comes home from work late, (cut me some slack, i'm the one stuck with a two-year old) well after he explained what had happend, i forgave him and wanted to cry because it's just scary!

now, onto a happier note...has anybody played katamari damacy? i just downloaded the demo for 360 and it's the best three minutes of my life! Really, i am in love with it!



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